So, i've been travelling go n forth penang n kl, penang n kl, penang n kl n kl (soon) for 3 weeks non stop...

The purpose is kinda obvious *if u followed my facebook* --> Job hunting!!!!!

ohwell, it's not easy after all!

My anxiety disorder is killing me all the time!!!

I'm so worried tat i would be jobless! which was kinda insane!

n.....i found tat....Everything changed!

Friends seemed to be all grown up~! Matured n independent~

Had few fantastic gatherings with uni besties n i realized how much i missed them!~

They were all grown up n look like a *real* adult already! Earn, live n spend all by themselves!

n some of them even gave their parents pocket money already!!!!!

*not sikit sikit punya, lots of them gave RM1000 ar!!!!!*

Wahliao eh!!!!!! wen only i will have tat day har? I gotta work real hard d!!!!

n I'm really excited to get into job world d!!!! but as for now, i'm just gonna spend my very last 8 days *grace period* crazily!

n n n I gotta brush up my english n communication skills asap before i get killed in the marketting war! God bless me!!!


kla~ I'm just gonna stop all the nonsense n share some amazing photos here!!!

Some amazing pictures taken by Bear wen we were in the US!


Have u ever seen snowflakes before??

yes! I've seen snow but I havent seen the real snowflakes!!!!! It's really amazing!

Like I m watching it under a microscope!!!!

n more...

n more!~!!!!!!

OMG! this is so freaking amazing!!!!

I never knew tat snowflakes actually look like snowflakes!!!

OMG! wat am i talking about????%^&*&#@%^&

here comes the postcard picture tat i love most!

It's union square @ san franciso!

I've been there but i don't actually remember tat it was so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wish i can go back after all.....




ps : There r a lot of ppl asking a lot of questions regarding the USA work n travel trip! So,I'm gonna summarize it n post it up next!

So if u still have any questions, pls

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