As the title stated, this is the most dangerous and challenging adventure that we ever had in Grand Canyon!

Since we were in Grand Canyon, we were all agreed that we should explore Grand Canyon from head to toes!

So here comes the most excited activities in 2010 - Phantom Ranch Hiking Trip!!!

FYI, i only do ballet/yoga aka soft sports and i would never try dangerous/heavy sports!

BUT! All of them were decided to go, how can I not follow leh?

FYI, we need to have permit for the trip! we are not allowed to hike and camping down there without permission!

Yeah!!! WE ARE READY!!!!

Look down from the top...

Getting down there...


Look how steep the trail is!

I wanted to give up but I finally convinced by their spirit n energy!

so..I went! We went!!! 6 of us together!

It's a 2 days 1 night trip!

we gotta try our best to hike all the way down before sunset n get back again in the next morning!~

We were all fully equipped!

hiking shoes, hiking sticks, sleeping map, sleeping bag, food, drinks, cereal bars, toilet paper, camping tools...etc

Between, pls ignore my stupid outlook cz it's not easy for me! trust me!

Imagine how heavy the backpack is! We have to carry them down n carry them all the way up again!

Us with round faces! lolzzz

Rest after 1 hour of hiking!!!! Come on! xiu xi shi wei le zou geng chang de lu!

see how amazing the view was!

Finally i saw something *straight*!

I fell down like 8 to 9 times! cz it's too steep already!

I srsly want to give up at the 4/5 times...but i we were actually quite far from the top d... choice lo :( have to keep moving!

Some of the points for hikers to take a good rest before continue the most challenging journey!

Betwee, Sky was getting darker n darker!! arghhh!!!!

I fell down like 12345678 times n no rasa after all!

Jess was trying to help me to tie my shoe tighter so tat i wont fall down anymore...

Sky getting real dark now!

After crossing this black bridge n we r done with the first part of the mission!!!!

n yeay!!! we finally reached!!! (we took this the next morning cz it was too dark in the night time)

Jess and Bear's hardwork! we were just kelefeh! hahahhah


Another world hidden inside Grand Canyon!

n then we found the most wanted toilet of the year! =.="""

Talking about toilet, i have a srsly great story that i wanna share here...


me n twin sis were so keen to poo in the morning so we went to toilet together n oops....

one of the toilet was under construction!

so i decided to let twin sis poo first!

mana tau....guess wat? the most delicious poo just couldn't be flushed down!!!

n i was so desperate i need to poo already no matter wat....

so, i poo-ed on her poos.....:((((((((((((!!!!!!

n then....we had to left OUR poos there n go out to look for the park ranger!!!!!!!!!

Tat's the best memory tat i would ever had throughout this whole amazing trip!!! FOL!!!

Breakfast time!!!

U guys know what this is? It's a gift shop!!!!

Maple leaf!!!!!!!!


very fall-ish! i dont know y it is still fall at phantom ranch cz Grand Canyon was kinda cold already tat time!

Lighten ur load! lolzzz!!!!

Selling postcards mailed by the Mules at the bottom of the Grand Canyon!!!!!!

Gonna hike up back to the top!!!! diedie!

n tat American boy is just 16 years old! He's a housekeeper too!

He was fine initially...n he gets a lil bit frustrated after all cz we were just a lil bit too slow compare to him!

Hello, u have long legs ma! we got only typical Asian short leg to hike fast leh?

All of us!

Silver bridge on the top of colorado river! Start hiking back up already!

The bridge was so scary!!!!!


Our champion gal! Sok Eng~

i dont know how she made it...she's so small n the bag was so big n heavy!! It's almost 10kg!!!

See? n she walked damn fast!!!

few more walls to go!

Hiking down is hard...Hiking up is triple hard!!!!

One of our photographer who had really less picture!!!

so i'm just gonna post more of his pic in this post for not feeling so guilty~!=.=""


We finally managed to reach the top at 7.30pm when the whole grand canyon was freaking dark already!

The weather was really bad that day....strong winds made this trip even more dangerous!

we couldn't even stand straight!

however, in overall, we still love this trip! cz tat's the moment tat we couldnt careless about each other..

concern about each other..taking care of each other....


Anyway, thank you so much gals n bear for making this trip fun!

Lesson learned : TeamWork + Strongest friendship ever!

Love u all!!!!!


All these pictures are credited to Miss Xiang Xiang Princess! + Mr.Bear! :p

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  • hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhh..omg i cant stop laughing when i saw the poo poo part!!!!!! LOL!!!!!
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