Knock knock!

Anyone still here?

March is my super hectic month!

New room(excited), new bed(Ikea ROCKS!!!), new working environment(mixed feelings), new dresses(yeay), new shoes(yeay), new bag(yeay) dotdotdot

Well, there r still tones of new stuff tat i need to buy!!! 

Double eyelid tape RM10 (Priority)

Fake eyelashes RM9 (okoklo, not so important YET)

Facial Mask RM20 (Priority)

Hanger? RM10 (Priority)

Shoe Rack RM20 (Priority)

Loreal Eye Make up Remover RM25 (Priority)

Maybeline Black Eyeliner RM25 (Next week only buy oso can)

Contact lense solution RM40 (Priority)

Petrol RM50 (Priority)

Wash Car (Priority)

Lingeries RM100 (Shy~ @.@ okoklo, can wait de)

Basket for wet clothes RM10 (Priority)

Dinamo RM20 (Priority)


ok! That's it!~

but hor, walao eh! y all of them so important one!

Like that oso RM350 liao! How to survive? aiksss

Minus out all those not very urgent one, still need to spend around RM200 =.=""" fml


Anyway, this is how i wear to work la!

Want to be Y.O.U.N.G AGAIN!!! Spot my Love-st bag ever!~!!!!

Top : Room8008 Skirt : T&S Bag : TeeToo


Wen i've got to meet client! Love this top max!!!!! but it's mad expensive! 80 bucks for just the top!!! Kill Me!!!!

Top : SEED


weee~ Another vintage day!!!!

Hair Band : T&S  Dress : Time Square Vintage inpspired belt : UDC

Still obsess with all those vintage inpisred clothes!

FYI, i don't really like vintage clothes cz it's been worn like thousand times by the owner...

but i do in love wit those vintage inpired fashion! it's just way too hard to resist!!!

Anyway, i got this dress for RM25 at times square N years ago!~ LoL


Favourite Buy of the Week~

Pic Credited to The Odd Loft~

Totally cannot resist tulle skirt with ribbons all over it!!!!!!


oopsss...hungry d~ okla Chao~~!


PS : Sorry for the super low quality pictures...i still love my ipod anyway!~ :p

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  • yizhuen
  • wow
    lots of things to buy
    all the best in ur job =)
  • haiz...yala! now totally broke liao!
    anyway,thx for the wishes dear :p

    Sherlyn 於 2011/03/19 12:41 回覆

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