Finally!! The long waited hot air balloon fiesta is here!!!!!!

Let's begin this post with my verylongtimedidntcamwhorepunyapictures!!!!!!

weee! I do not need to stick eyelid sticker on my left eye anymore!

Hopefully the same thing would happen on my right eye as well!

Arghhh! Y can't i just born with perfect double eyelids?

Seems like Benetint works really well on me!~ Love benetint always!~

Btw, Benetint = Liquid blusher (Benefit cosmetics)

Got this floral + chain + pearl hairband from Forever 21 when i was in US!~ USD 3 only! Super cheap!!!!

ok! Camwhore habis! Hot air balloon time!


Ohgod pls don't rain again!!!!

owhh...this is not so cute...

but...this is cute!

Round face fml

Assistant of the day!~

Whoop...camwhore again...

& again...



Piggy !@#$%^IOI&^%$#@

Hot air balloon disco party~


Awesome moon shot by bear!!!!!! LoveLove!!~


Ah....this post is really messy!

I don't even know what I'm talking about now=.=""

very tired la~i need to take a nap...nitenite ppl :p


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  • Passerby
  • Oooh, i loveee ur hair curls at the end, how to u do it? Using curling tong? Mind doin a tutorial post/ vid perhaps? :)
  • owhhh thx :p n sure, will do a tutorial if i have time :p thx for passing by :p

    Sherlyn 於 2011/03/22 23:58 回覆