Best Photo Award @

No la don't get me wrong...I don't have a .com yet la!

Pretty Gal & Handsome Boy! hahaha

Sorry Pls Clear Your Mind cz They Were Mine!



ps : So he's gonna be a killer?!!! & hor! y he so handsome one!!!! =.=""

sry ar...i'm actually a "brother" gal instead of "mummy" gal..

oops no la i thought i should be a "mummy" gal as well?

no! I'm actually a "daddy" gal!!!


okla! it's not funny at all! enjoy this youtube la~!

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  • Juin Hau
  • i realise that 2 of that picture is taken by think
  • wahlao! u comment ar? unbelievable!
    n yes..i think so...lolll hahaah

    Sherlyn 於 2011/03/26 16:56 回覆