Those that caught my eyes Updated!

Yeay!!!! Finally i've got a chance to visit Chic Pop street market!

Pretty gals were everywhere!!!! All came by with the most stylish fashion n super "up-to-trend"!

Chiffon chiffon chiffon owhhh chiffon!!!!!!!!!

But well, i didn't really get to shop much cz too busy taking photos & chit chat here n there!

*no..i don't take pictures...Bear did...:)))*

PLUS, the weather was like super hot! How good if they organize this event in places with air-con! LoL

alrite, yo! Let's spam this post with picas picas n picas!!!!!

Yeah! Room8008 was the first blogshop that i met right a minute after we reached there!

That's Kiki, the owner of Room8008.

me: Bear, I really really want to buy this rossette tutu skirt!!! It's really nice!!!!

Bear : huh? buying the same skirt again? u already have few at home!

me :  No! I don't have one! This one got rose one it's different!!!!!

Bear : Put it back! Let's go!

me : !@#$%^&*()(*&^%$#@#$%^&

okla! I admit! I'm just couldn't resist any kind of tutu skirt! I wish i could have a big wardrobe just for my tutu skirts! =.=

Another nice one & oso another "missed" one.. :(

Yeay! Emcee Couture was the next one~

OMG! I look like a dinosour beside her!

She is so S.M.A.L.L!!!!!!!! How i wish i could be smaller like her! so that i can wear all those pretty clothes!

Spotted this super awesome pretty dreass from them! but it's just far away too small for me la!!!!!

Stole this picture from her site! lolzz see how cantik it is? arghh i'm gonna chop off all my fats away n buy this dress n wear it!!!!

I'm just kidding la! hehehe Me this giant is impossible to fit in this pretty n petite dress!

However, if u r a petite, try to visit their blogshop! They have lotsa pretty homemade dresses!

I met this little sweetheart Irene from Little Paris Dress Book!

She looks super adorable with that vivi inspired mary jane pumps! I'm not sure whether it is under mary jane category but what i'm trying to say is that the heels look damn old school n lovely!!!!!!!

n AGAIN! I look dinasourdinasour again! 2 dinasours since i'm like 2 size bigger than her!!! fml!

Look, how pretty their stuff is! I bought that super cute heart cut out belt from them! n that's my only purchase from Chic Pop 7 =.=""""


But well, that's the only size they left :(((

oklo! Save money!

& then i met Kim with the same awesome heels again!!! ARGH!!!!!!!! Should i buy??? but i'm already dinosourdinosour! If i wear this kind of heels again i would be dinosour*10 arghh! how sad it is :((

Btw, she is damn cute man!!!! n yes! SHE IS A DOLL!!!!!!!!!!! :)))

Cat in Bowl! I've reviewed their blogshop for a couple of times already! Totally in love with their homemade dresses!

Met the owner Sih Sin who was my senior in MMU!

I never knew that until i bought something from her! hahahah lol

One of their creation!!!!

Pretty till can die lo!!!

I wanted to try this out but i just don't feel comfortable trying clothes when my body is full with sweat! arghh! hot day sucks!

Another cute one!!!!! super adorable!!!!!

Spotted this nicely decorated booth which owned by things eye made, an online blogshop who make all those awesome vintage necklaces, bracelets & more! Their necklaces are really nice! check it out from their site!

Another cute blogshop, Notbuk! selling their own decorated notebooks!

Isn't this cute?

"stole this picture from their site!"

Here's some other samples of their Notbuk!nice right?

Spotted these lil cute mosaic decorated photo frame form Angelic Quirk decorative concept store!

What a great idea!!!!!

OMG! Isn't this super cute? She really got that talent!!!!

Finally! some men's stuff! They are from Pestle Motar Clothing if not mistaken~ Do correct me if i'm wrong!

Lastly, my favourite blogshop ever! Ugly Duckling Closet!!!!!!!

Siew Li, the owner of UDC!

Got my 10% voucher there! weeeee

People mountain people sea! lol

It's good to have a small fitting room there but it's too crowded already!!!!!

Well, expected already since they are among the pioneers in blogshop world!

Thx Mr.Bear for these pictures! Although my face look really round here =.="" hahahahaha

we settled down at Kissaten after all!

I tell u wat, i really love their food and services!!!!!!!

Check out their FB here.

This spaghetti was super delicious!!!!!(RM14.90, i forgot the name :(((( sryy)

I tried their spaghetti twice and i'm stil in love with it!

WAH! Melt d!!!


Here comes bear's smoked salmon spaghetti!!!!! (RM20.90)

WALAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look damn good leh!!!!

seriously!!!!!!! i want yours!!!!!!

btw, they are having promotion now...spent at least RM50 and get a free teriyaki pork burger on the spot or carry forward to your next visit! n yes, we chose to have it for our next visit~ u guys should really try them! their food is really really nice! 9/10 for food & services! 

I wish to end this post with at least one of his picture! but sadly i didn't get the approval! :(

Nao people got birthday cake from Najib d sibeh haolian liao lo!

Happy birthday April fool boy~!!!!!! Post coming up next :)))))




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  • khailing
  • see you at chic pop 8 la >.<
    and kissaten's pizza and chicken stick also quite nice one :P
  • really? we should go again together then we can try all their food!!!!!

    btw, lets gou gou shou for chic pop 8! haahahha

    Sherlyn 於 2011/04/03 14:43 回覆

  • kiM
  • you look much much more like a doll!! so fair and pretty with very sweet regret din talk much with you!! and honestly you are very slim..:)

    so ngam we went kisseten at night too!! their food are nice with very reasonable price..:) hope to meet you again!!
  • yeah! the weather is just too hot for chitchat~ n yes, we should really find a time for yum cha d~ talk about it ages liao~ haaah lol btw, nice to meet u there la! c ya soon :)

    Sherlyn 於 2011/04/04 01:24 回覆

  • sharon-bee
  • haizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    i din get to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • really? y? nvm la! lets join chic pop 8 :))

    Sherlyn 於 2011/04/04 01:27 回覆

  • Evangeline
  • Halo, sweetie! This is my 1st time read ur blog! (I can feel ur happy from ur blog~ so cute~ ha~)
    Omg~ got so many cute things and pretty girls at there~
    I'm so envy that u could go chic pop street T.T
    And don't worry, u look cute and sweet <3
  • thx for visiting my blog dear~ n yes, chic pop was full with pretty gals!!!! u should join next time :)

    Sherlyn 於 2011/04/14 12:35 回覆