Most of you might already know that i've just received my parcel from Ugly duckling closet last Thursday!


*yelling alone in the office since nobody know about that!...hmm not until i post it in my facebook =.=""

I was really really happy that day cz there r 3 good news in total happened in just one day!

1) Yeah~ Got my incentive from the company for the deal that i closed last month! *It means a lot to me cz i really need it!!!!"

2) My parcel from UDC arrived!!!! Hooray!!!

3) PTPTN finally approved my application after waiting for 8 freaking months!!!!! Now I'm free from the RM48k debt!!!!!! YAYAYAHOORAY!!!!!

okla i should stop being crazy n here's the little photoshoot that i've done with Bear in front of my house! =.="""

*There's nothing nice about the background..pls ignore it..."


Self camwhored pic always the first one to post =.=""

 c the top c the top c the top c the top???!!!!!!!!!

Pearl Chained headband : Forever 21 US

Vintage Satchel earrings : Taiwan

Top : Ugly Duckling Closet*click*

Skirt : Forgot d

Bag : Vintage - US

Heels : Mod @ Sunway Pyramid


Went LahLahLand Flea Market with my housemate Christina in this outfit~!

Heart this scallopy heart-ish top very much!!!!!!!

Christina bought the same one with me from Ugly duckling closet at LahLahLand Flea Market!

Hers one is in yellow color and if i'm not mistaken, there's only 1 color left which is grey color with pink hearts~

me practicing on how to be a super model while bear practicing on how to be a professional photographer!

eh....Just kidding la!!!!! hahaha lolzz! Gal fat like me how to be super model?

ok! I was trying to be innocent but it turns out look like i'm an emo freak =.=""

but i kinda like this picture la!!! NVM! will definitely do it better next time! LOLOL

H.A.P.P.Y = HAPPY!!!!!!!

Let's zoom in a lil bit for accesories & Make up!~

n yes, that;s how i stick my double eyelid sticker~!

I do have double eyelid originally but it's just way to small n i look so dumb without sticking double eyelid sticker!

They r now part of my life...I just couldn't live without them...

*Lol so serious meh?* YES! SERIOUSLY!* 

ok! done talking with myself!

Headband in detail....floral + chain + pearls = L.O.V.E

Polka dot heels!~

Got this pair of heels last year n i seldom wear them cz they are way to high already!

but still, love high heels in most of the time~!

The End~ Hope u guys enojoy~ :)




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  • nice outfit =)
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