I just saw this contest at nuffnang page and i really really want to win this!!!!!

I had been secretly in love with him for sometime already...

I'm thankful that my company actually gave me 2 Justin Bieber Never Say Never Movie Primere Screening Tickets!

We went and we was like "babybabybabyohhhh!" all the way back from Sunway Pyramid till home!

n then i get to know that he's gonna be here for his concert on this coming 21st of April...

I was really upset cz this is the month since i started work and i will never afford a concert ticket!

n then i saw this contest posted in nuffnang main page!!!!! n that's wer the hope came!

So, as required in the contest, I'll need to write about the top 3 things I would do to prove that I'm a true Belieber!


1) I'm gonna secretly learn up how to play guitar from my cousin brother who's a pro when it comes to guitar Rock n Roll!

2) I'm gonna force my mom to post my video in youtube so that i can get as much views that i can.

3) I'm gonna play guitar at New Orlean Street to increase my publicity so that i would stand a chance to meet Akon in real person!


Lol! I know what you're thinking about! I'm just sucks on this!

The only thing that i know y i love Bieber so much is because his talent and his courage to step in the adult world!

I always wanted to be a singer since i was young till now... n i never get to do that until now..

I was really upset for quite sometime...But now i'm fine! cz i know that there's still something out there that i can do instead of singer...

I truly admire him for having such a great mother and grandparents who raised him up with full love and give him 100% support in most of the time...

It's really not easy to be a singer especially at this age!

He SHOULD be playing, jamming, gaming with a bunch of friends and go to school everyday with a bright smile!

But he didn't....he chose to be here and there he is! A shining star throughout the whole world!

I'm really proud of him! *wah like i know him very well! haahhaha*


I wrote this is not just about the concert...I wanted to blog about this longlong ago...

but I'm just too shy cz people will surely think that i'm naive n blablabla~

Today, i made it n i finally blog about this! n i really want to win his ticket!


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