The socks trend were all over vivi magazines!

I got myself a pair of this cute scallopy pink socks from Topshop last year and i never got towear &  blog it until now! lolll

Not feeling well today :( and i didn't get to wear this out actually...just shoot and change back to normal clothes lollll

I kinda love this set of combination! they are all my Top 10 favourite of the year! LOLOL

Top : The Poem, Tea & Sympathy (Bangsar) *They closed down already :(((((*

Heart cut out belt : Little Paris Dress Book *I got it from Chic Pop 7!!!*

Skirt : My standard 5 performance skirt =.="""

Lacey Can Can Hat : Taiwan

Socks : Top Shop

Pink Gladiator : Sg.Wang

I heart this!

Tired face....lolll

Can u see the scallops? it's actually very small but i really like it!!! <3

Hope that i will get to wear this out next weekend la~!'s monday again :(

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