This is a super backdated post!

I wanted to blog about this on that day itself but i'm just a bit overlad that time  =.=""

I'm not sure why...but i really excited for his birthday this year!

maybe bcz  this is the year where both of us turned into "real" adult~

And i really want to buy something special for him...A thing that he craved for so long!


12am midnight 1/4/2011

Fossil!!!!!! I really really like this watch brand and also the packaging itself!

Guitar = Loves....

He's older than me now! muahahaahhhahahhha


8pm 1/4/2011

It's friday night and both of us opted for something light and special!

So we went Potluck @ sunway giza for our buffet dinner~

We forgot to take the picture of their restaurant..and this is the photo that i grabbed from their facebook*click* lolll

They are having buffet dinner promotion! RM19.90 each!

Love their wall paintings & designs...

My favourite!!!!!!! FYI, i don't like seafood/fishball/anything when it comes to steamboat! The only thing that i love most is mee!!!!!!

I know i'm wasting my money! lolll

Their food were really nice and fresh!

Their bbq grilled ham & herbal soup were my favourites!

Their service was very good as well! Atleast the waiter smile at us all the time and we feel so comfortable having our dinner there!

Overall rating : 7/10





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  • tiff
  • how much u bought d watch n wat is d model? =)
  • it's from fossil...hmmm their price ranges are around 400-500 :)

    Sherlyn 於 2011/05/09 01:21 回覆

  • tiff
  • model pls
  • it's fossil dear..i wrote in my previous comment d :)

    Sherlyn 於 2011/05/15 00:48 回覆