Date : 15th April 2011

Venue : D-G-60 & D-1-60 Puchong IOI Boulevard

Attendees :


whoahhhhhhh! that's our first expression when we saw their restaurant!

This is a very good place for couples!

Downstairs were a lil packed up so they open the upper section just for us!

Another woahhhhhh!!!! Love the environment! Classy, stylish, romantic~

Stupid women wore her super ugly slippers for such a high class restaurant!!!! =.="" fml

I was supposed to snap some photos for my fashion diary there!!!!! :(

Uber cute scallpoy top : Girl About Town

Skirt : Standard 5 performance skirt~

Earrings : Forever 21 US

Our vouchers~!RM10 only!

so, we gonna get a pasta + a soup of the day + an egg salad!

One table can only fit one person's meals! lolll but well, we just love sandwiching each other! hahaha

The very first time all of us gals fight for salad!

Love the salad max!~!!! Especially the vege! Fresh and yummy!

Soup of the day! - forgot the name already :( loll

Spaghetti time!!!!!!

Sunshine Pasta with Bacon Bits! - RM16.90 (Original Price)

Recommended by the owner of Vintage! & yes! he served us by himself! not just us, all of the customers!

Their service was undoubtly great!

Seafood Aglio e olio - RM19.90 (Original Price)

Hot & Spicy! Would be even better if they add more seafood in it!~

Chicken Carbonara - RM21.90 (Original Price)

Ham & Mushroom Carbonara - RM21.90 (Original Price)

sisters~ muahahaahaha

Me & my 2 pretty babes!


- The End -

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