*Updated this post...spotted too many grammer mistakes*

Sry...still improving~ lollll

Bohemian style again today!

Well, its the same old dress the i got from Taiwan....still love it even bro said that it looks like a lacey curtain instead =.="""

We heard a lot of good reviews about Empire Shopping Gallery....never been there bfore..

so i grabbed Bear to shop there since our Melacca trip being cancelled!!!!:(


And...i found 3 super fun things at Empire Shopping Gallery!


#1 LEX Slide!

Sounds familiar right?

Yes, Groupon did a deal before for this slide!

It looks kinda scary to me though~ loll


#2 Starbucks Happy hour!!!!

 Half off for all Frappe!!!!

Tried this new Green Tea Flavour! Don't really like it though cz it's too greentea-ish already....

taste a bit bitter...



#3 My Long Waited Whisk Espresso Bar / Bake Shop!!!!


There are a lot of bakery/restaurants selling macarons!

But we chose this bakery instead cz i've read damn lot of good reviews about them!




Their macarons were quite small, RM2 each~ but its really yummy!!!!

Far away better than Choclat World's Macarons!

Gonna try out other bakery's macarons next time~


It's soft but crunchy & chewy at the same time...you will definitely want to have another one once u have a bite on it!

You guys should really try it out!

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