I'm sick with my hair color and i really want to dye my hair again in salon instead of doing it myself at home..

I'm just way to lazy to do all these beauty stuff lately...

My piggy cousin dyed her hair and i gone crazy when i saw her hair!

It's like OMG super nice!

So she brought me to this hair salon WHICH i introduced her to cut her hair there previously =.="""

A famous salon born from Taiwan~

All these pics were stolen from their page --> http://www.facebook.com/boris.hc.malaysia


So..back to the topic..

I always stick to 2 hairdresser - 1 in KL & 1 in PG LOL!

I hardly trust others cz i always scared that ppl will burn my hair? LOL

I mean very "nice" & which is totally out of my expectation that kind =.=""

That's the best photo of hair color...

I know i look pale here and i srsly regret for not putting proper make up today...

No fake lashes, no lip gloss, concealer not even =.="""

Btw, i really like this color! My hairdresser mixed 3 colors in order to get this color..

It's something like ash brown if not mistaken. (More towards greenish brown *Called ya ma lv in mandarin*)

Well, the greenish part can hardly see especially in indoor space.

This is how it looks in indoor space with sun lightning...

I wanted to curl my hair but i couldn't cz my hair will surely become very dry if i do...

& This is how it looks in indoor space with soft lightning...

Outfit of the day~

Wore this skirt and heels quite often these days~

I love this socks it's too cute to resist!

Photos from iphone! loll


I'm getting more n more socks recently.....officially in love with socks trend...

Some people ask me how to pair socks with heels...don't u feel awkward when u get weird stares from people?

Well, my answer is...y should we care about this when this is our life instead of others?

Wear what you like and suit you the best...

Be confident! :)


PS : Can't believe i wrote the last sentence. FYI, i'm have super low self-confidence. Guess i've improved a lil bit through my current job. Hope you girls like this post :)

PS 2 : This is not a sponsored post. Just wanted to share it cz i really like their services!

PS 3 : Spotted some good cosmetics from Benefit counter again...save save save n buy buy buy!!!

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