I've read too many good reviews about this restaurant!

We went there yesterday night and yes, we love this place!


Venue: Fat Spoon Cafe

Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/fatspooncafe

Address : 73, Jalan SS21/1A Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Specialization : Grandma's Recipe + Good Coffee


The Environment

Their restaurant is not really big...therefore, i would suggest that you book first before you go.

Their theme is all about our childhood stories....peter & jane story books, periok hanging here and there, papan hitam, vintage lamps & etc.

Can you believe that this is actually their menu? So cute right?

The ladybird key words reading scheme...what's that?

I never learn about this during my childhood time oso...lolll hahahahah *i think i forgot*i hate school and i dont really love reading story books! hahahaha*


Will you pull? I won't! haha

My beloved papan hitam....

Let's have a look of their toilet! Bear told me about this but i didn't really see & "enjoy" their toilet ytd night! lolll

I love the mirror!!!! Can i have that?

Comic Boy is gonna love this....


The Food

Ice Coffee RM9.90

Flat white RM6.90

 (Not that sure whether this is cappucino or flat white! loll)

This 2 photos were stolen from iPAD Bro's cam! while the others were stolen from Bear's camera!

So basically, what i do is just eat, enjoy and blog while the man do all these pretty stuff at the back!

Cappucino RM6.90

 (I might mixed this up the names ya! only for this 2! lol)

Thanks for telling me guys!

Heart this pic....it just look too yummy!

Thai Chicken Rice RM11.90

Fried ulam rice RM11.90

Fried ulam rice with egg RM12.90

Fat Spoon Tangy Beef Noodle RM8.90

Spicy Beef Macaroni Soup RM8.90

Claypot Lou Shee Fun RM8.90

Love how they present their receipt! They actually use a story book to present their receipt! so cute!


The People - Us!

Jom Jln Jln Cari Makan Kakisss.....

Piggy Sherlyn's Personal Professional Photographer! hahahaha

WHat is that so funny?

Guess what brother got me this time!


his pre-birthday celebration~


What i wore....

Earrings : Times Square

Dress : Ugly Duckling Closet

*Of course i'm not as pretty as the models la! their models are so pretty!!!!!!*

Bracelet : Taiwan

Pink heels : Nose


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