Ya all know blogging is my life and reading other fashion bloggers' blog is definitely my favourite item in Sherlyn's daily To-Do list.

I felt empty for the past weeks cz i actually stopped blogging, not reading any blogs, not dressing up, doing nothing except for working.

I don't really like this kind of life cz i know i would never perform well even i throw in 24/7 just for work.

Therefore, i decided to slow down my work progress for a lil bit and here i am, back to the online shopping world!


Revel-in-me AKA Hui Wen is one of my favourite blogger in Malaysia.

One day, previous recommended me a blog post that Hui Wen wrote - My best-kept secret

I read word by word till the end of the post..n i nearly cry just bcz of that...

I was really touched by every single word that she wrote....

I can totally understand how she feel and her passion to fashion and achieving her dream...


Just in case you haven't read about her blog...

Hui Wen & her friends started their very first high end online store in Malaysia - Azorias.

Their clothing lines focus more towards premium & stylish work wear & which were all made in Korea with top notch quality.

What is AZORIAS?

AZORIAS comes from the word Zoria or Zaria, which refers to the goddess of beauty in Slavic mythology.  A once-popular goddess also associated with the morning, she was greeted at dawn as “the brightest maiden, pure, sublime, honorable“. This word also refers to ‘dawn’ in Russian.

This is what we want the AZORIAS woman to be, a star in her own right. She works hard, plays hard, and is not afraid to chase her dreams. The AZORIAS  woman is beautiful– however, we are not merely referring to external beauty, but beauty from within as well. What AZORIAS hopes to do is to adorn these women while they appreciate all life has to offer. We want to be what these women wear while they strive in their career, when they are partying the night away, when they are relieving friendships… We want AZORIAS to be part of your lifestyle.


Let's take a tour @ Azorias~

Contrast dress with sheer pleated tulle skirt RM149

Georgette shirt with crotchet lace collar and cuffs RM149

Open back-cape dress with contrast peter pan collar RM169

Satin Bird Print Full Skirt RM129

Wool flared dress with leather cord belt RM149

Ruffled shoulder blazer RM159


I'm totally impressed by their first collection! Hope you all feel the same way too :)

Visit their online store for the rest of the collection..you will love it! Trust me! Yihhoooo :)


See ya all real soon...:)



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