ok! Hi everyone! Anyone still here?

Sorry that i was really busy lately...

As the title mentioned....my dream came true...

Just the be true, i always....always want to be a model for like so many years...

but i never have the courage to chase for it....cz i have no confident with my look...n my outfit...

People used to thought that i'm a very confident gal...can just do anything that i wanted to..

but i'm not...in fact...i'm a super coward gal who always block herself from doing something that she really wanted to...


I don't have the pretty face, nor the super model skinny figure..but i have the heart..n i finally step out of the circle and get something that i really want!

Thousand thanks to Siew Li, the owner of ugly duckling for giving me the chance.

They launched 2 collections this time - Special collection from Spain & Vintage collection.

I love all the clothes in this 2 collections!!!! They are so pretty!!!!!

One thing that i learned from this experience is...Don't ever give up your dream....You will never know what is going to happen next...

Thanks Ugly Duckling Closet again for the chance! Big bear hugs!!!!!!

Please let me know if you happened to buy any of them k?


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  • khailing
  • the heart top + blue skirt combination is pretty, so your style! but since it's modelling and you should be trying something new, i must say that the light blue blazer looks really really good. i'm impressed <3
  • lol! thanks dear!!!!!
    Still got lots more to improve...but m quite happy cz i never dare to try new style! at least i got to try thiss time~

    Sherlyn 於 2011/07/02 23:46 回覆

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