I'm not sure whether it's Chic Pop 8 or just plainly named as Chic Pop Street Market.

Anyway, I didn't expect that they organize this awesome bazaar again that soon!

So me & Precios decided to go there to dig some gold!

I didn't take too much pictures this time cz as usual, it's super hot!!!!!

Sherlyn steps into a world of fairy tales comes true.....lolll



ok! here's my chubby face! I really hate this Camera lense! It makes me look so fat in all of the pictures!!!!! !@#$%^&*^$#@

UDC awesome Crew!

Then i met this sweet gal~ Kim! Reverie is her very new, sweet & trendy blogshop! http://reverie-store.blogspot.com/

She is super small n pretty!!!! She's 100% doll!

Colars handmade by Kim~

Hi Sharon!!! Glad to meet you here!!!! lolll 

These were all handmade and sold by a girl right beside Kim's booth. I forgot their name cz i didn;t see any sign board there.

Only know that they are going to launch their blogshop soon.

IF you are the owner of this booth, pls email me!!!! I'm gonna do a review for you cz your handmade necklaces are awesome!!!!

Got this pretty necklace from them! RM18 if not mistaken~ So pretttyyyyyyy

Met these 2 pretty gals from http://littleparisdressbook.blogspot.com/

n they got me the shoes that i want so badly in the last chic pop!~!

Thank you gals!!!!!  Always love our outfit! Sweet & Vivi!


We didn;t stay for too long...went Sunway Pyramid after that..n met Chatime! My all time favourite bubble tea!


I did'nt change my clothes...just top it up with the scallopy crop top that i got from UDC :)

I don't even get to see how it looks! Just wanna do something crazy cz I'm just way too boring!

Tadah!!! ok pls ignore my =.=" face! i wasn't ready and Bear just got it shot!

Love this crop top very much though~ :)

n pls say Hi to Sherlyn's new shoes from Singapore!!!!!! My heart melted when i first saw her! I love this kind of heels cz it's really comfortable!

Btw, i really hate this lense! you know why?

bcz i can't camwhore!!!!! I tried to put the cam far far away but this is what i got after all =.=" super big face!!!!!! =.=""


ok! so my  next target would be : dietdietdiet!!!! Be a skinny super model! *Punch forehead*

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  • Sharon Bee
  • hahahahhah
    my pics are there to help me "overlook" chic pop coz i couldn't make it..
  • lolll hahahaha

    Sherlyn 於 2011/08/01 00:20 回覆

  • kiM
  • Pretty Sherlyn, glad to always got a chance to meet u in chic pop!! nice chatting with you..i want to be vendor always so i can meet u there always..
    haha bee paiseh i brought you there without ur permission!
    even ur friend come took pic for you ler..u so famous!
  • lol! Thanks Kim! I wish i can meet you more often!!! share about fashion and all the girly stuff!

    Sherlyn 於 2011/08/01 00:21 回覆

  • yizhuen
  • so sad i m not at KL
    hope i will be there next time =)
  • yeah~ dont worry..chic pop 9 is coming soon! hopefully! lolll

    Sherlyn 於 2011/08/01 00:22 回覆

  • 訪客
  • maybe it was soakrepublic.com