I was waiting for a client that Thursday and looking for something healthy to eat cz i've got food poisoning a day before that...

I went into this bakery, grabbed 2 sandwiches and start eating in front of their shop...n guess what? OH GOSH!

Their bread taste really really good!

Always love sandwiches with 110% fillings!

n it's super cheap! RM2.20 each! (Prices vary according to flavors)

This bakery operated by sweet husband and wife who came back from UK!

Their bread were mostly handmade.

I went in right after that and decided to get this super cute Angry bird cake for my pretty colleague Chia Chia!

This is so cute man! RM30 only! owhhhh

It looks really like a jelly cake but it's not. It's made of some kind of sugar...hmm can't really descirbe it! u guys should really try it yourselve! :) 

Ang Ang Ang....Doraemon!

Lady bird! so cute!

4 choices in total! OMGSOCUTETAKBOLEHTAHAN!!!!! RM30 each

Angry bird cuppiesss!!!!

Some of the pastries selections~

Bamboo Charcoal RM5.10

Wholemeal multi seeds RM5.60

Missed out the name for this one! oopss

Black Sesame & Walnut RM5.10

n this one as well =.="" Sorry!


Me n my colleague went there and we seriously hope that they can do delivery for their sandwiches!

Try their blueberry / Chocolate cheese tart! It's not like a normal cheese tart cz there's filling inside the cheese tart! OMG! sliver everywhere!



For more info, kindly visit their bakery @

Heart & Flour Bakery

399, Burmah Road, 10350 Penang

(Between Sawara Japanese Steamboat restaurant & domino's pizza)



ps: Not a sponsored post. I truly like their sandwiches & cheese tart! Go try it! :)


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