I was browsing through online sites last week to get some pretty clothes since i didnt shop for ages...

n i found this super cute pinkish n ribbonish blogshop! http://pinkyribbon.blogspot.com/

I tot it's my blogshop at my first glance! "just kidding" hahahha

It's not my blogshop btw!

All their clothes are so pretty in Pink, brown, chiffon, lace (all my favourite colors!) n the prices are really affordable!

Coincidentally, the owner have the same name as me!!!! n she's from Penang as well! walao eh!

if people really don't know people might really think that this is my blogshop! lol

I'm not sure how old is she n whether the model in the picture is Sherlyn! lol hahahah if she is, omg she's so young n cute!!!



RM38 (this crop top is just too cute to resist!)


RM33 - All colors sold out already :(

OMG i want this luggage bag!!!! RM280 inlcusing pos laju

n she loves kitty too i guess!


n i really like her blogshop's layout! simple + sweet = 100%

Sherlyn i really hope that i can meet you in person! lol


ps: I've spoke to the owner through email and understand that they actually update once in 2 weeks and have a stall at Jelutong night market (I don't know where is it shit!). n They're gonna have their stall opened at straits quay & gurney soon too! it's always great that sometimes blogshop can participate in some kind of bazaar so that gals like me in bigger size lol can go there to have a look!


ps 2: I found quite a bit of interesting blogshops lately! Will share with you gals later la :)

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