Hi guys, yeay! finally Sherlyn's blogshop is here!!!!!!! 

Wanted to do this for few years but always...always knocked down by my own cowardness & super low self confidence..

Thanks to everyone who always by my side & support me throughout this whole journey..

My website is still under construction but i just couldn't wait to share with you gals all these awesome, strictly hand picked pieces!

Hope you gals love it cz i love it so much!

Here we go!!!!

All photos taken by bear :) thank you la!


Scallopy cute crop top with sleeves

4 Colors, strecthable, fit S - M size (topshop inspired)

1) Pinky red

2) Purple grey

3) Brown

4) Mustard

RM45 each


Ballerina Flare Top

3 Colors, not stretchable, fit S - M size *Very good quality*

1) White

2) Vintage Orange

3) Nude pink


RM45 each


Candy Top 

2 Colors, not stretchable, fit M - L size

1) White - last piece

2) Turqoise - last piece


 RM39 each



Polka dot skort

3 Colors, stretchable, fit S - M size

1) Nude - last piece

2) Black - last piece

3) Mustard - last piece


 RM49 each


Sweet girly top

1 Color, stretchable, fit S - M size *Very good quality*

RM45 each - last piece


Sherlynlicious signature Cute Romper! :)

1 Color, stretchable, fit S - M size *Very good quality*

RM55 each - last 2 pieces


Sherlynlicious signature ribbon dress :)

Close up

2 Colors, stretchable, fit S - M size *Medium quality*

2) Turqoise/Orange 

RM49 each


ps: Do take note that the holes were specially decorated. It's like how we use joystick to burn the paper to make holes for decoration. Hence, there will be lil brownish along the corner :)

Sherlynlicious signature ribbon romper! :)

2 Colors, slightly stretchable, fit S - M size *Very good quality, slightly pricey but worth every single penny that you spent. Only 1 piece each*

1) Turqoise 

2) Orange

RM79 each


For orders, pls email me your full name, contact number, address & items that you want @



Postage = Poslaju RM7 Semenajung Malaysia, RM10 Sabah Sarawak


Thanks everyone! Hope you enjoy! :)

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  • 訪客
  • If we order now, when can we received? From Sarawak.
  • Tue / Wed dear :)

    Sherlyn 於 2011/09/18 22:01 回覆

  • 信子
  • u look extremely gorgeous in all photos!
    well done!
  • thanks dear! but fat dont know like what d now =.="" haahah

    Sherlyn 於 2011/09/18 23:50 回覆

  • =)
  • any restock for the peter pan colar chiffon top? :(
  • nope dear :(

    Sherlyn 於 2011/09/21 19:21 回覆