Hi pretties!

Let's get the guys in the office eyes on you!

I'm really excited with this collection cz i spent a lot of efford searching for the best quality pieces from overseas at the most reasonable price.

All of them are non restockable. So if you like it now, grab it before it gone!

If any of this caught your eyes, send your order email to sherlynlicious@gmail.com in the format below.

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ps: Scroll down to the bottom for more available items & more shopping information :)

Model Size:

Top :  S - M

Bottom :  M - L

32, 26,35 (what a fat waist =.=""") hahahah

Height :  166cm

Weight : S.E.C.R.E.T! hahaha

Korean style OL Top & high waist skirt

Top : Light Brown(Reserved) / Skirt : Black

Top : Creamy white / Skirt : Orangy red

Top : Soft Yellow (Reserved) / Skirt : Turqoise

Close up pictures

Korean style OL top

Good quality chiffon (thicker than normal chiffon)

Fits size S-M

3 Colors : Creamy white / Soft Yellow / Soft brown


Korean style high waist skirt

Imported from Korea (without made in korea tag)

Belt included

Tagged size L but fits M-L (small cutting)

Quality Guaranteed!

3 colors: Orangy red / Turqoise / Black


Korea Imported Dress (without made in korea tag)

I took out the excess cloth around the neckline to create the fake colar effect. This is how the normal neckline looks like :)


Imported from Korea

Belt Included

Fits size S-M (I usually wear M / small L bottom. If you have a smaller hip, it will looks even nicer! FYI, my hip = 36inch =.=")

Quality Guaranteed!

1 color & 1 piece only!

RM125 - Worth every single penny!

Old Skool Top! Best seller in Taiwan retail shop!

Good Quality Chiffon - Imported from Taiwan

Fits S-M perfectly

2 colors : Lime Green / White  Last piece reserved

                 Black / creamy white  ALL SOLD OUT

Little Cape Dress

Good Quality Chiffon 

Fits S-M perfectly

1 color only, Salmon Pink 


OL Ruffle Dress

Imported & made in Korea ( With made in Korea tag)

Fits S-M perfectly

I am 166cm and it's a lil bit short for me. It fits gals with = or < 164cm height

Quality Guaranteed!


Korean Inspired Crochet Top! Best seller in Taiwan retail shop!

Dusty Pink


Imported from Taiwan

Good Quality Chiffon 

Fits S-M perfectly

2 colors: Dusty Pink (ALL SOLD OUT)

                 Brown (Last piece available)


Old Skool dress Version 2 - Very pretty!!!!! search high n low for this!!!!

Imported from Taiwan

Above average quality, Cotton

Fits S-M perfectly

2 Colors, Pink  / Grey 


OL Ribbon Top

Good Quality Chiffon, non see through

Fits S - M perfectly

1 color & 1 piece only (Creamy orange) (The other 2 colors sold out in first collection)


OL Scallopy Top

Good Quality Chiffon, non see through

Fits S - M perfectly

1 color & 1 piece only (Creamy orange) 


OL Sherlyn's signature multi style blazer!

Very Good Quality Satin, non see through

Fits S - small L perfectly

1 color only 


White ruffle dress

Good quality Satin - non see through material

1 color & 1 piece only. 




OL Sherlyn's signature fish tail skirt! 

Finally i found it!

However, i got 1 piece each only cz they were all sold out!

Imported from Taiwan

Very Good Quality Chiffon, non see through --> For creamy orange color, recommend to wear skin color undies

Fits S - M perfectly, Stretchable

2 colors, Black & Creamy Orange (ALL reserved & sold)


OL Sherlyn's favourite stripey top!

Good Quality! Similar design with Korean OL top but different color and material.

Fits S-M perfectly

1 color & 1 piece only! (Sold out)


Note : Bowler hat for sale too. Email to sherlynlicious@gmail.com if you;re interested :)

Shopping Info

All items are brand new & imported from overseas.

All items are non restockable.

Payment needs to be made within 24 hours. Else, it will be released to the next person without prior notice.

No exchanges, refunds or cancellations allowed.

We're not responsible for lost items / damages during delivery period.

Payment thru CIMB & Maybank2U.


West Malaysia RM7

East Malaysia RM10

> RM200, Free postage

You shall receive your item within 3-5working days right after payment received.

More Available items : http://piggysherlyn.pixnet.net/blog/post/29145814

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