It's been a while since the day i visited this super duper cute fashion boutique, owned by the famous fahsion designer, Jezmine Zaiddan, The old blossom box store.

After years of hardwork...finally the have their own label! Their homemade collection!

Sugar Capelet Dress, RM159

Super love this maxi dress! Who doesnt love rainbow! owh cute!

Novelty Red Riding Hood, RM229

Most of their homemade pieces were all sold out!

These were the only pieces that i eyed & tried on! Super awesome material!

Here's their imported pieces!~

So cute right the packaging?!!!!

Thanks Jezmine for the book! "Hearts"


Visit their sites for more info.

Jezmine Zaidan - the owner of OBB
The OBB official website

The OBB blog


For orders & inquiries, kindly email


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