Who am i?

I don't really know! lol

I was supposed to be in Penang that day but i decided to fly back cz i really don't wanna miss this super happening event!

When i first started working, there are like few ppl around only! now we have so many awesome colleagues n i know it's gonna be really really fun!

I miss home so much that's why i decided to go home on Friday night!

Mom n Dad were supportive and encourage me to go for the event! 

At the very last minute, i burned my return bus ticket, book a flight and here i am! At Groupon Malaysia Most Happening Halloween!

You don't wanna miss this and guess WHO'S OUR BOSS!!!!! MIUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

that's pervert Detectiveang & the fashion nerd sherlyn!

hahahaha =.=""" who's this?!!!!! i look like tok tok chiang!!!!!!

Let's get the party started!!!!

Hi Audrey! you're so pretty!!!!!


Can you believe that the uncle at my right side is Thor?????? Looks like Bai Fa Mo Nv instead! lollll hahaha

Geisha Loves Calsberg too? haha

Who's that?

Woah! Phewiiittt!!!


Ghost dates?


Woah! dong ngo mou dou? haahah

woahhhh so enjoy lo him!



what kind of dance is that?



Say Hi to Mr.Mario!!!

Planning team rocks!

walao eh! Vampire jungle is it?

made in China???

Who's the men??!!!

hahahaah what??!!!


ei! you pangsai is it?





wah that's scary man!!!


That's the most Amazing Halloween that i ever had!

Thanks Groupon!!!!!!

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