Black Suede with Zips Super Killer Heels

 Vincci, One U


I wore it for my company annual dinner for more than 3 hours, and i didn't feel a pain. The workmanship, material everything is pretty good.

9/10 :)

Red Suede Pumps

Tropicana City Mall (Bazaar in front of Starbucks, Lush Serendipity)

RM59 --> SO CHEAP!!!!!! 

Workmanship not that good. 

Quite comfy in overall.

6/10 :)


Salmon Pink Wooden Killer Pumps

Opera, Fahrenheit 88


Workmanship awesome + super comfy!!!!

9/10 :)


The very hard to find envelope bag in THIS COLOR!

Fahrenheit 88

RM29.90 --> ONLY! YES! ONLY! 

Workmanship awesome + super comfy!!!!

9/10 :)


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  • theng
    let's go and shop ah!! lolz
  • next week CNY d darling! after CNY =.=" hahaahah

    Sherlyn 於 2012/01/15 10:30 回覆

  • khailing
  • all heels are so high leh normal ppl like me wont really get the chance to wear it often. where are your vincci flat days? hahahaha
  • lol eeheheh throw all of them d....but i just got 4 pairs of new flats :) weee

    Sherlyn 於 2012/03/13 19:40 回覆

  • 訪客
  • opera comes in size 3 vincci?
  • not sure dear :)

    Sherlyn 於 2012/03/13 19:40 回覆

  • Nur Faeezah Najwa Abdrahman
  • can i get the envelope beg?
    how can i contact you?
  • i'm not selling it can get it from Fahrenheit88 ya :)

    Sherlyn 於 2012/03/13 19:41 回覆