"My favourite Ceaser Salad!!!! The salmon is freaking awesome! n it's 33 bucks =.= worth every penny though"


I guess this is not new to all of you...especially girls! 

Diet is like a never ending mission to all of us!

We still gonna complain that we're fat even we're 38kg wtf.

I can never reach 38kg though! I can still remember clearly that my weight strike to "5" when i'm only standard 5! FML max!

n my height was 162cm =.="" & i'm 166cm now =.=" 

I;ve tried thousands of ways to slim down! Diet pills, gym, yoga, protein diet, fruit diet all kinds of diet.

n I realized that the most effective way is to change our lifestyle.

The we live and the way we eat.

So these are those things that i'm gonna focus on :

1) Fruits Everday Every meal

2) Eat Protein whenever i'm super duper hungry - eggs, meat

3) Drink a lot A LOT of water everyday

4) Sleep early =.="" 

5) Smile  


No Oats, No Carbs, No Drinks, No busicuits, No cereal bar or whatsoever --> I dont know u girls but I couldnt stop myself from eating them once i get it started =.=""

A little bit of chocolate actually help :)

Another tips that i learned from the past is that we shouldn't starve when we're on diet cz it will actually make us feel like eating even more after that =.=""

n i don't...i don't exercise for this period of time...

I know lotsa people always said that we should exercise and eat healthy at the same time..

I've tried a few times n i think exercise doesnt really work the best on me..it depends on which stage i am...

I choose not to exercise at this stage. Reason being is because 

1) Loosen up my muscles --> ok my england sucks i don;t know how to descirbe this =.="" hahaha

2) My energy level is kinda low --> I will not consume more 1000 calories each day during this period of time.


But well, my weakness is always dessert!!!! I can resist everything except dessert! =.=""" 


Okla in overall, i guess the most important key is still the same --> Determination!



I CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!

Good luck everyone and good luck to me!

Will share more if i past this stage successfully. :)


Here's another interesting blog post about diet by Xiaxue, go n have a look--> 


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