I've met a lot of talented people lately....

When i say a lot i actually mean A LOTTTTT!!!!

There are so many good singers out there!

I really had fun being a part of them...except the "good part"..LOL but i'm still learning from them though :)

I haven't really sing for quite sometime ever since i graduated..Life was pretty busy and there's too much roller coaster here n there..

I'm glad that i've finally found sometime to do something that i really like and wanted to do ever since i'm young..

I wish that I will continue singing until like....forever?

I look pretty emo in this picture LOL !!!!! hahaha 

Thanks Carol for these awesome candid shots! 

I'm gonna be singing at Overtime Sunway Giza Every Saturday night, 10pm - 1230pm.

Feel free to go there to have a drink :)

There are quite a bit of new songs that i gotta learn up really fast =.="

Us the singers will always try our best to fulfill all the songs requested by the customers...

n sometimes i know how to sing the song..but my confidence hold me back...n i told myself i cannot be like that anymore..

so i push myself to spend some lunch hours to listen and practice all those popular songs.

I'm really nervous each time i sing at Overtime..That's the reason why i never really invite friends to visit me...

my awesome BFFs do pop up sometimes though..n I'm very shyyyyy...but still want to singggg =.=" self conflict wtf

Some sneak peak for Twenty3 next update!

New collection coming up soon at http://www.facebook.com/Twenty3.Paris / http://www.twenty3.my/

n yes, this is the main reason y i'm on diet lately...

Look at the super round face =.=" I wan Angelababy's so called "palm" face =.=" Can I just born like that so that i can eat whatever n whenever i wan?

owhhh...I miss Haagen dazz chocolate fondue, Gobo japanese Buffet, Sushi Zanmai, Mc Donald's?, Alexis desserts...n more n more desserts zzz

seems like this is my only motivation now...hahah



Ps: I failed, fell down and broke down a thousand times...sometimes i feel like giving up...but i always stand up strong at the end of the day and tell myself that no..i'm not gonna be beaten down by all these challenges...someone told me that...to achieve something that we want...the keys of success are passion, patient and don't give up...

Life is too short for regrets.

Tmw will always be better.

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