Nuffnangx was born on 18th September. A virgo like me. wtf


A virgo nuffnangx is....

A perfectionist - Get the job done well by aggregating all the blogs that i love and feed me with their latest updates.

A good multitasker - Not just available on Sherry's chrome (Sherry is ma laptop wtf), but also available on iphone apps & android apps (sibeh kiasu android also got)

A good teacher - All my make up guru ar, fashion guru ar, fitness guru ar, they're all there!!!

A loud person - OMG XIAXUE IS PREGNANT!!!!! 

A kepo stalker - Fourfeetnine is getting married!!! Fourfeetnine did her hair at number76style i also want! Fourfeetnine just came back from Japan again!

A vain pot - profile picture also must be sui ah bo how to tipu people to follow me?


For further elaboration, see pictures below.

1) Feed - you with the latest updates so that you can kepo with your soulmate like me and @kayelchang

2) Recommended - good for people who lazy to search for new blogs like me

Breaking down into categories.

3) Conversations - This is the best part of nuffnangx! Lotsa people can't read mandarin and they can't comment on my blog. Now everyone can share / give me some feedbacks on any of my blog post so easily with just one touch.

All conversations in all blog posts are saved and can be viewed at one go.

Comments are not just simple comments but a more interactive conversations available through this app.

4) Arrrr me! - Type sherlynlicious and you will be able to find me!!!

 I love all 19 of you!!!!! thanks!!! :)

Now i can stalk all my favourite bloggers at one go!!!

Michelle Phan - My favourite youtube make up guru


QKXLJ - My favourite fashion guru!

This is so cool man chinese website also cannnnnnnn


Blogilates - My favourite fitness guru!


Kampungboycitygal - My favourite food & travel site!


Mindtools - Personal development mentor!


In Conclusion, THIS IS SO COOL!!!!!!!!

To subscribe or to be subscribed, you can just log in using your FB account.

Read more here :

Timothy Tiah

Audrey Fourfeetnine



It's so coolllll

Damnn coollll

Amazingly coolllll

So cooolllllllllll

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  • amy
  • wow so you've stalked suet's blog since what 2008/9? and u guys didn't even know each other in real life then. you've been obsessed w getting into their little social circle since then haven't you. you're so out of your depth.. they're (ooib and suet etc) A LOT more smarter and complex than u. Ur really quite naive, girl, for sb who is 25yo
  • Yes. I'm not smart. but so what? who are you to criticize?

    Sherlyn 於 2012/09/21 14:42 回覆

  • don
  • really.. who are those assholes to judge and butt in to ppl's life??
    Just accept it and happy for everyone very hard is it...

    sherlyn, it can be very stressful and takes a lot of strength & courage to still believe on the best side with a lot of annoying flies like amy above, they somehow think they know the whole situation better than you do.

    but I know you are a lot stronger than this, trust ooib and yourself and just ignore the rest (including me wtf, but i am very angry with such judgemental ppl keep interfere with ppl life and try to make ppl feel miserable with their nasty opinion, so I HAVE TO COMMENT and also to let u know got ppl support you one!!)

    to AMY
    are u so jealous that this naive 25yrs old nobody is happy now and you must stalk her and come all the way to drop a hater comment? get a life please and keep all your nasty opinion to yourself.
  • Thanks Don! I've been receiving such a comment since last month and i've already closed down my formspring. but this person still goes around leaving negative comments on Audrey & Suet's blog and at one point, i really don't know what to do.
    I just hope that she can stop doing this and understand the real situation.

    thanks for supporting me! truly appreciate it! :)

    Sherlyn 於 2012/09/23 00:25 回覆

  • go-away-amy
  • Come on Amy, how do you know so much about everything? I think the real stalker is you...who are you obsessed with really?
  • Thanks! :)

    Sherlyn 於 2012/09/23 00:25 回覆