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I used to dance a lot when i was studying that time in MMU. I stopped dancing ever since i graduated.

After 1.5 years of hardcore working life, i decided get my butt off my office chair and get back to the dance stage. Not only to shake off all the fats that i gained throughout this 1.5 years, but also to continue the journey of this tiny little hobby dream. 

I love dancing! My world became so peaceful and i tend to forget all the stress whenever I dance.

I love contemporary dance & all kinds of sexy dance *oops, secret bongkar* and i'm currently practicing at Talent Hub @ Desa Sri Hartamas.

So back to how i get into this holy cow thing. There was this one sunny day i decided to call this Choreographer from KLPAC and so coinceidently, he told me that he's gonna have a show up on the first week of October! I called him 2 weeks ago and I went for practice twice (missed out 2 classes cz of my birthday and family trip to BKK) and here comes the shows begin on the 4th of October, which is just yesterday!

I get to know a bit of people who loves music and dance and i felt so happy surrounded by people who loves art!

Ya know, i graduated with a finance degree and i did sales & marketing. Nothing related to finance at all. So i was thinking what will happen if 5 years ago i choose to enrol dance degree instead. Will i become a different person like who I am today? Or everything will still be the same? 

*Didn't plan to get any answer for this cz it's kind of like the past and sometimes i just like to over think things when i'm free wtf*


ohhh wait, guess i haven't explain about what kind of dance show it is.

I was told that we gonna have this 4 days marathon dance show themed after animalS.

They were presented by The actor studio.

There are 5 choreographers in total who take charge of different kind of animals. Mine was under holy cow & angry birds. hahaha

Briefing for final rehearsals.

She's a mosquito hahahah


Angrybirds! hahaah

There was a scene where all the kids get to throw us the provided angrybird toys. we were acting like the angry pigs. poor us. FOL

And here comes the cow dance. hahahhah 

shaking out butts towards the audience.


Wilson, why are we not doing the same thing???? Major F.A.I.L

Hug each other before we got sliced to make your world class delicious beef patty.

COL - Cry out loud

CMAO - Cry my ass out

Died with pride!

And....this is us...

And become like this after all...


Come to watch us dance! we have Tom & Jerry, snakes, ducks, turtle, kuda and more! 

Happy world animals day! *Never know that there's such a day! LOL*

Read more info about here : http://www.worldanimalday.co.uk/


Tickets can be bought from here. It's RM20 only guys! Support local art performance guys!!!!!



All pictures were taken by the handsome bf who waited me for hours and hours throughout all the dance rehearsals and shows.

Sankiiu bfffff u're the best!




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