Note : 

We didn't go to these places at the same time.

Gathered all of them here since they're quite similar.



Chatuchak is a very well known weekend market which can be reach by BTS. Mo Chit Station. You can get lotsa variaties of cheap stuff. Range from clothes, home accesories, vintage clothes etc

The ticket is around 20-30 baht depends on where you depart. (one way, per person) Taxi & tuk tuk usually charge around 200-300 bath.

Don't get con by those tuk tuk if they offer you for 50baht only. cz they probably gonna bring you to those diamond stores / seafood restaurants who will pay them commisions if they do so.

Operation hours : 6am - 6pm

Saw this while we're walking towards the BTS station from our hotel. I don't understand what's the ad about. Probably some medicine that can make your boobs bigger! haahah

Mom making fun with it....hahha

Parents in marine couple T. Their whole wardrobe is always full with all kinds of couple T. All colors and all kinds of designs u name it. LOL

Curi Curi shot this photo. I acted like i was shooting the H&M ads but i'm actually aiming at this pretty girl. I'm so sorry i know it's not right to do so but i'm a girl and i have no intention on her. She's just too pretty! LOL

Our first meal of the day! they call this salad hahaha but it's nice!

I wonder who will buy this bag man haaha 

Studs fever wtf 

owh i love this! I always buy accesories from this store! but i couldn't remember the name! maybe pinkish-yellow as what stated on the price tag.

All the earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets were handmade by them. Love those rings especially those connected ones. 

Sherlyn's must eat fried "bird eggs idk what ya call" & fried squids. 

FYI, the cholestrol of 1 birdie egg = 7 normal chicken eggs. anyone who loves birdie eggs like me FOL

The delicious Thai Ice Tea!!! 40 baht quite expensive! but no choice cz we're memang tourist and our blood is meant to be sucked. LOL

I didn't realize that she's looking at me at such a face! haha but this is another MUST EAT in chatuchak market! Coconut ice cream!

They love kitty like I do. haha You're allowed to pick any flavours that you want. Can mix them up too!

Jeng Jeng! yummyyy

This is so interesting and i almost bought it! But i stopped myself cz i don't think i will have the chance to use it! Kinda regret now!

It's 1800 baht though. Mama suck blood!!!!

I didn't really get anything from chatuchak this time! cz not much choices and i normally shop more at platinum fashion mall & siam square. 

And it's like our first day. So didn't really have the mood to buy anything yet.


Wat Pra Kaew (the grand palace)

Same thing! Don't be agraid to force the taxi uncle to use meter cz it cost us like around 70 baht only from here to platinum fashion mall compared to the price that they proposed, around 200 baht.  We went there and left there by taxi using taxi metres. "Pad Sherlyn's shoulders hahaha"

The entrance ticket is very expensive. 400 baht per person. If there's anyone come to u saying that they're tour guide and they can provide u free sarung or whatever, don't trust them! cz you can just rent those sarung / t-shirts (if u're not well covered up haha) with just a 200 baht deposit each piece. And u can claim the money back by returning them. 

Operating hours : 8:30 - 15:30

This is how i look! i know i know i look dumb! 

Shooting parents photo using different mode. I prefer the bottom one! which one u guys prefer?

Mom was super excited that time! She nudged like a kid whenever she found any shouldier standing there! LOL

This is something like a fusion building wtf. "nobody's gonna hire me as a writer haahah" 

Naisss rightttt I laik!

This is another fusion wtf I don't know why our ancestors are here. hahaha 

They look good though! heeh :)


Erawan Shrine (Four faced brahma)

We got scolded by taxi drive when we mentioned four faced buddha. He mentioned that "buddha" is not the right word to use.

So i did a lil search on wiki. Found the word "Brahma". Google tranlasted them : Buddha = 佛 Brahma = 梵 

Thai people & even a lot of tourist respect and believe in four faced brahma. 

My bro is one of them. He proposed this trip just to return his wish that he made last year. 

There's this case where the shrine was vandalised by a mentally illed guy. He was then beaten to death by the angry bystanders.

How good if people can actually do the same to robbers!

Sorry, gotta add non related story here.

My friend's bro just got robbed while he was waiting at the bus station early in the morning around 7am.

3 indian guys in 2 motorcycles heat him all of the sudden and robbed him. 

Blood spread all over his face and he can't even walk properly cz they hit his forehead and it bleeds all over his eyes.

There are a lot of cars and motorcycles passed by but no one stop and help him. 

There's one motorcylist slow down, look at him and speed away. 

He walked about 300 metres back to his house. 

Finally the guard saw him and brought him to the house and the parents rushed him to the hospital. 

I really hope that all robbers got beaten to death! It's really annoying and people don't feel secure anymore staying in this coutry! 

zzz okok back to my Erawan Shrine! sorry ar i'm paranoid to robbers now! 

Bro sweated like crazy!

Taught my mom to tip toe so that she will look taller in the picture hahahah

And i know i know i look very fat. Not just look i was really fat. I diet immediately when i got home and m back to the old figure now wtf *scared of being judge wtf*

n here's my cute parents in their couple T again! 

They can be T shirts ambassadors already!!! hehe :)

While bro was praying, we fooled around taking vain pictures!







 I know lots of you are waiting for my shopping post but i think i bought too much and it's kinda hard to post everything out here.

Will pick a few of them and post it here yo! 

Next would be Siam paragon! Hold on your saliva! :)



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