Note : The reason that i'm sharing this is because i had a hard time finding people to talk about this. Especially when my mood swing & felt nauseous. I read a lot online and it really helps. If you're shy to ask here but would like to know more about this, you may email me at  :) Every girls must protect themselves. Every guys must know how to protect their girl / women as well. If you're not opting for condoms for a several valid reasons (too costly, skin sensitive etc), this would an important knowledge that you need to know. SAY NO TO TEEN PREGNANCY!

Note 2 : I closed the comment section because of some non related comments left by irresponsible people. Anything pls email me directly. Thanks


 Have been wanting to write about this for a long time.

 Our teacher never really taught us about this and most parents either ignore it or force their children to not have sex.

 But well, everyone know that it's happening. Especially youngsters these days.

 I'm very honest with my family and we talk about sex from time to time. (haha not so often la)

 Honestly, i didn't really know much about this until i met my current bf. 

 He did a lot of research and we finally found the best method of birth control.

 And i would like to share some of the related topics here.



 Birth control methods

 1) Condoms - Male & female condoms Click on how to use a female condoms

 2) Oral contraceptives - Hormone pills that contains estrogen and progestin which will help to inhibit ovulation and so prevent conception. These pills need to be taken for around 21 days each month.

 3) Contraceptive patch - A patch that releases synthetic estrogen and progestin to prevent pregnancy. It can be applied to any of your body part. Similar hormones as in birth control pills. You have to stick for around 21 days  each month.

 4) Injection - Can be done in any hospital. This needs to be done every 3 months. Any longer than that will increase the risk of pregnancy.

 5) Vagina ring - A ring that stays inside the vagina for about 3 weeks to prevent pregnancy. It releases hormones similar to oral contraceptives & Contraceptive patches. 


 There're a lot more methods that can be found online. These are the well known types.


Factors to consider while choosing a birth control method

 1) Overall health condition

 2) How frequent your sex life is

 3) Possible side effects


The best method for couples who are very close to each other (seeing each other like every single day haaha) would be birth control pill, patch & injection.

There're a lot of birth control pill brands that can be found in drugstores like guardian, caring etc. 


Why i chose birth control pills instead of others

 Very simple.

 1) Patch : I don't like to stick anything on me and it's quite unsexy LOL haah

 2) Injection : Scared of pain wtf 

 Birth control pills differ according to the dosage of the hormones & the price.


 Side effect of birth control pill

 Headache, dizziness, breast tenderness


 Decreased libido

 Mood swings



My experience

 I knew nothing about BC pills previously. Ooib was the one who did all the research & Carol (the gal who brought us together) was also the one who taught me a lot about sex & pregnancy prevention wtf hahahaha

 I heard a lot of rumours about BC pill where people gained like 5-10kgs after taking the pill. 



I'm on Mercilon and this is how it looks like! 

 So cute right? It's in pink and it shows you when you last took your pill so that you will know whether you missed any of the pill.

 Ooib chose mercilon since it has a lower dosage of hormones, fewer side effects and also affordable, at around RM21-25 per pack.

 So i started the pill in April. I had dizziness, breast tenderness, nausea & mood swings especially in the first few months. 

 I felt like crying almost every other day and i had no idea what was going on. I blamed the pill though hahah

 Lotsa people might ask questions like "what if I miss a pill? this is the most common question i can say cz i asked a few times too.

 According to the pharmacist, couples still need secondary protection for the first month even though the girl is on the pill. 

 Sometimes I tend to forget to take my pill too. Ooib has his alarm set for me everyday at 8pm and i had mine set too so that both of us won't forget again.

 If you forget to take the pill for 1 or 2 days. Don't worry, nothing will happen. Just make sure that you take the pills that you missed immediately whenever you realized it.

 Another frequent question regarding BC pills is about weightgain.

 I did a lot of research before cz i was so freaking worried about getting fat.

 It does make you feel like eating more but that's just in the first few months while your body is adjusting to the hormones.

 All the side effects will be gone after that. I've been on half a year of mercilon and all the side effects were gone since last month.

 You will probably gain weight but it also depends on whether you're in the honeymoon period and you're having thousands of excuses not to exercise.

Nothing wrong with that cz i was like that too. Dessert almost everyday with ooib until both of us dare not stand in front of the mirror because too fat. #LOL #FATCOUPLE


 but still....going on diet after that..ahaha

 So, if you ask me, what is the good thing about BC pills? (apart from not having kids wtf)

yes! That's my DEEP CLEAVAGE!

 My high school mates used to call me *xiao xiao li* fml

 you know lah, all ballerinas have no boobs!

 I'm really really satisfied with my body shape now. Even though i'm slightly fatter than last time but at least, AT LEAST I HAVE BIG BOOBIES AND I CAN TELL THE WORLD THAT I'M A WOMAN WTF

 And And And.......most importantly, i don't need to worry about baju kena ang pau anymore cz i know exactly when my period is coming!

 Another plus point is that, i don't need to suffer period pains anymore. It's much better now compared to last time. And it's a lot more under control now! Unlike last time, my period used to last about 7 days! Poor me. My period is now shortened to 3-4 days. 

 Feel damn awesome! PMS still got la but not that much already.

 So in conclusion, Mercilon is awesome! 













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  • Guest101
  • so when should we take the pill? Immediately after sex or few weeks after sex still can works? Also where can we get the BC pill? Thanks!
  • Nope.
    If you're starting the pill, take the first pill on the first day of your period. Pls do double protection still. which means, your SO still have to wear condom to avoid pregnancy. Continue taking the pill every day until you finish the pack, then stop for 7 days (your period will come in this week). Then start the next pack of pills.

    You can get BC pill in any of the drug store like Guardian, Caring, etc.

    For urgent solution, which means for conditions where you & your SO didn't use any protection, you may purchase morning after pill and take it within 24 hours or immediately would be the best.

    Sherlyn 於 2012/10/14 12:57 回覆

  • bino
  • So, would condom just enough for couple that doesn't meet each others daily or stay tgt..? Probably once per week.. with just condom, good enough? Mayb some after sex pill for urgency :P
  • Morning after pill is not good for our health.
    It's for urgency.
    And condom should be good enough, as long as you or your SO (significant one) don't cheat hahaha

    Sherlyn 於 2012/10/14 15:02 回覆

  • dino
  • are you are ooib staying together now? your parents know you are on the pill?
  • In general, parents should take an interest on the health of their children.:)

    Sherlyn 於 2012/10/14 15:05 回覆

  • 悄悄話
  • don
  • U r veryy brave to write this entry leh wei.. lotsa ppl will start to judge and imagine ermm thing wtf.
    Hahaha.. eh.. i tot condom is the most chemical free way, supposedly better than the bc for our whole system. Anything that will interfere functionality of our body sounds scary to me leh.
    And and one more, reduce period days is a good thing or not? I dont know leh.
  • yes. condom would be the best. but there's alternative too just in case the guy is sensitive towards condom hahaha
    BC pill is very common and u can get it easily anywhere. And it's approved by MOH so nothing need to be worry about.

    Sherlyn 於 2012/10/14 20:08 回覆

  • guest
  • do you feel hard to lose weight after consuming the bc pills? so after few months of consuming it ,you still feel mood swinging not?
  • somehow yes. Me n my colleague experience this together and it's not so easy for the first few months. but everything will be ok after a couple of months. You just need to keep exercising. My colleague and I still managed to slim down even though i'm on pill and she's on patch. And nope, i don't have mood swing anymore. very happy everyday :)

    Sherlyn 於 2012/10/14 20:10 回覆

  • 悄悄話
  • 悄悄話
  • your nickname ...
  • May try out Yasmin, costly but less side effect, recommends by doctor to control my hormone last time XD
  • Yup. Read from xiaxue's blog before :) it's a lil bit too high dosage for me. :) thanks for sharing though :)

    Sherlyn 於 2012/10/14 23:28 回覆

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