Yeah! My little online music lounge! *you may find it at the right side bar*

We gonna have videos updated from time to time whenever we have the chance to work together. 

It's just for fun and i hope that we can do better and better from the now onwards. 

We don't have a very canggih camera nor PA system to do those recordings yet and we still have a huge room for improvement.

Hope you guys enjoy and feel free to drop us an email on your feedback or any song request are welcome too.


Some of the pictures that the photographer, Ethan took for us that night.


Some videos from the night.



New song in music lounge.


Dream, i'm moving towards you. Turning the impossible to possible. Bless me.

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  • estee gee
  • omg...babe, your voice damn nice can?? T_T
    and happy belated birthday!! forever young in looks and heart!
  • thanks Estee for the motivation!!!! no, not so nice yet! I'm taking up singing classes! hopefully i'll do better! :)
    & thanks for the birthday wish :)

    Sherlyn 於 2012/10/24 11:38 回覆

  • MingSen Tan
  • 很好听。。。so nice :)
  • 谢谢 :)

    Sherlyn 於 2012/10/28 00:50 回覆