It was Friday and as usual, I was lazy to dress up nor do any makeup. 

A simple long dress is always my first choice for lazy day!

Poser playing around her picture with Meituxiuxiu to create the bubble effect so that she don't scare ya all off with her bare face.

N yes. I did draw my eyebrow heeheh

Sunnies : Topshop

Grey Long Dress : BKK

Bracelets: Coming soon at Twenty3, for early reservation, email

Bag : H&M


Was at H&M again yesterday and found this super cute shoes accesories!

you can pin it any part of your shoes.

It's a good alternative especially when you're bored with your plain heels, not just flats. 

They come in a lot of colors and designs. Neon pink, neon yellow, silver, blk etc. And it's cheap. not more than 20 bucks if I'm not mistaken.

Go check it out girls!


Btw, i found quite a bit of interesting pictures to share lately. So this is like a tmblr post la! Mainly on pictures!






I'm looking forward to this coming week! 

Have dance class from Sunday till next Friday non stop + bf took a day off on Monday to chill! woohoooo 

Life is greaT!!!



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