Yup! that's the brand name! Too Cool for school! #cute 

I was so excited when i received this! They were imported from Korea and which brought in by a girl who loves Korea so much that she created a fan page just to gather everyone who loves everything about Korea! *Her Korean Things

From left to right, milk gloss, crayon lip sticks & mashmallow puff.

I'm using pink crayon lipsticks & milky pink lip gloss. I've always wanted a pink lipstick cz that's the only weapon for me to look sweet especially when i need to go for any dates, anniversary celebration & etc. 

The crayon lipstick was really soft and easy to apply. But it's kinda fragile at the same time since it's crayon. I broke mine cz i was too harsh while applying it. 

Like mom always said to me : "Can u be more girly ar? you dress up like a sweet girl but always act and talk like a man!" #rolleyes

Sorry la mom! My voice is already like that cannot change. And i cannot be too girly! have to be man a bit so that i won't kena rob wtf *outogtopic* 

Red, Orange, Pink.

The colors are soft and not too heavy. It's perfect for work & school! Not so much for party though. I love it cx it's very casual! 

The next one would be the marshmallow puff. so kewwttttt 

can be used to apply BB cream/foundation/ concealer using the edge or blusher using the bottom.

Love my pink lips!!!!!!! 

In overall, the quality was quite moderate, but it's definitely a good gift to pemper yourself or to your friends! 

I love the crayon lipstick the most. But sadly mine broken d! Gotta buy one from them again.

For more details, head over their FB yo. Click


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  • Jen
  • Hi sherlyn, your make up is so pretty! Mind if I ask where to find a good eyelash glue in the klang valley? Would like to try those pretty falsies one day * shy***
  • Get the face shop fake eyelashes! There's already a glue in it and it's really nice to use especially for beginners :) n it's quite cheap. RM12.90 per pair :) that's the only brand that I use :)

    Sherlyn 於 2012/10/31 09:46 回覆

  • Jess
  • Hey Sherlyn, how did you do your fishtail? It's so nice.
    Do a youtube tutorial perhaps? hehe.
    I watched a few youtube tutorials but still find it hard to follow.
  • Hehh I practiced a lot too in order to get a nice fishtail :) ok. Will put it into my to blog list :) thanks for the suggestion :)

    Sherlyn 於 2012/10/31 09:46 回覆

  • Liz
  • May I know which brand of eyeliner that u use? from drugstores?
  • yes. maybeline :)

    Sherlyn 於 2012/11/03 19:49 回覆