Note : Do wait for a while for the pictures to load. It might need sometime since this post is full with pictures!


nahh don't laugh ar u all!!! 



Say Hi to the birthday girl Beatrice! She's onyl 21 years old! #jellyarrrrrr 

21 d! it's time for party and alcohol!

Mad Cute!

Minnie mouse and pikachu!!! Back to our childhood time! 

Decorations by the sales team. Awesome right?!

Little Black Swan!

Love her eye make up! Not sure how she did it! it looks complicated for me to learn loll

Christina rocking her ourfit with her new born tatto! SEXAYYYY

Ballerina my love!!!

I love her outfit the most! Never seen such a nice spiderwomen costume!!! #jakun

Save-money-outfit. All you need is your gf's hair extension and KFC bucket wtf


Sushi!!!! so cute and creative!!!

My eyes can't stop looking at her! Our new model at Twenty3, Cheryl rocking her halloween in her most sexy playboy outfit!

Pretty Angel!

Gaga ohhhlalala

Blue hair = killer!

Poison Ivy I love!

Bestie did her make up all by herself! 

With bestie Carol, the photographer of Twenty3. And nope. i dont know what we were doing hahah

I kinda love this pic for no reason. Maybe becaus my face look small wtfwtf

Hamsap Guy Fawkes!

ooooo bf no more awkward smile!!! hehe

Our Burlesque dance! We put quite a lot of effort in it! I think i dance like shit cz i was way too nervous! 

I felt like peeing all the time! It's not easy to do it when everyone there are those people that you knew! I think i'll be less nervous if they're all stranger LOLOL

I think my arms cramp after this! hahaha

Btw, this is me last year wtfwtf. Lotsa people ask me who am I and I don't even know wtfwtf


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  • yizhuen
  • sexy lady.=)
  • =)

    Sherlyn 於 2012/11/08 10:29 回覆

  • don
  • EEhhhhhh... no video on the dance meh. Sure have one. Faster post!!!
    so i can curi curi learn in the toilet when i bath coz i am shy like thaaat
  • got!updating in a few minutes! haahaha

    Sherlyn 於 2012/11/08 10:30 回覆

  • don
  • ahahahaha.. so many huuu.. hoooo.. woooooo.. wahhhhh... and one oh my God as the backgound music, hahahaha...
    eh.. u can dance damn well, so jelly.. T___T
    my secret wish is actually can dance awesome-ly also, but no money go learn and aihh.. a lot of other concern also la.. T__T
  • Hahaha come I teach u for free la!

    Sherlyn 於 2012/11/10 01:04 回覆

  • bb
  • wat type of shorts r u wearing there?
  • It's a very fitting hot pants. Specially designed for dancers or whoever wants to have smaller stomach :)

    Sherlyn 於 2012/11/18 14:09 回覆

  • bb
  • hi sherlyn, can u tell me whr to buy the hot pants plz? thanx alot :)
  • I got it from Reject shop at Subang parade. RM39.90 :)

    Sherlyn 於 2012/11/25 02:07 回覆

  • bb
  • oh ya, and how much? hehe..