Note : Ah Hock haven't look through this blog post and i can't wait to update already! haha he might add in some info and correct some grammar mistakes later! So pls pardon all my mistakes for now yo.

Note 2 : Watch our surprise vlog at the end of the blog post! :) I walked you guys through the whole house too!!!! 

Note 3 : Our Ah Hock is on NEWSPAPER!!!!



I guess this is the best stage for a relationship - the honeymoon period. *can we stay forever here? LOLOL*

I felt like a high school gf again!

Want to do lots and lots of things to surprise the bf!

But i to make sure that i don't do too well this time so that i can still do better in the next few years *hopefully* hhaaha

Me and the parents pakat together not letting him know that we actually do plan for his birthday.

His birthday was on Wednesday and i knew i can't make it that day cz i have dance class. The mom suggested to get him a cake on Tuesday night for midnight celebration just to pretend that that's the only birthday celebration for him.

So all set! The parents prepare the cake and i'll be the president of AHHOCK'S 50 YEARS OLD BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION EVENT! hahaha

He don't allow me to post his topless naked picture with his birthday cake cz he shy wtf hahahahahah

*I really wanted to TRUST ME!*


If you never heard about Huck's cafe*click* yet, they provide private home dining experience. They serve only people who have advanced booking with them, no walk ins allowed.

All the food were freshly prepared and cooked by the owner himself. Ah Huck! hahahah 

We did a lil chat with the restaurant manager. Got to know that this place used to be an art gallery.

The boss Ah Huck owns a house in Gasing and he used to cook for his kids. 

He posted some pictures on his FB just for fun. He got more and more inquiries from FB asking him about where to get his food & etc. 

So he decided to do it and started cooking for people at his house at Gasing.

As time goes by, his house couldn't fit that much people anymore (can only fit 20 ppl max). So he rented this place at instead and proceed to expand his business (they can now fit 50 ppl in one go). 

They gave us a private room! say yeay!


You can even dine outside yo! next time should try here!!!!


I don't really know what to order so i ask for menu of chef's choice. 

They have only 3 choices of menu, RM88, RM100 and RM128. We picked 2 RM88 and 2 RM128.

All menus include 3 drinks (before, during and after the dinner), an appetizer, a soup, a main course & a dessert :)

I don't know what this drink call but it's something like ice cream soda! 3 drinks were served through out the dinner. Only get to take the picture of this LOL

Our appetizer. 

Pumpkin & Mushroom soup.

Lamb shank!!! This is the RM88 menu main course!

Don't know what this call but it's super yummy! my favourite main course of the night! And this is the RM88 menu main course too!

This whole thing was fully stuffed by salmon i'm not even kidding! It was full with salmon!!!!

Ei actually no! This is my favourite main course of the night!!!! I love it!

Their christmas menu (Uncle Huck told us one haha), Hungarian stuffed pepper! 

Dessert time!!! Vanilla creme brulee! (They have 2 types, one in vanilla and another one in chocolate).

We had almost all their dessert since they only have 5 haha

 Clockwise : Durian mud cake with ice cream, Chocolate orea mud cake with ice cream, Chocolate banana brownies with ice cream, vanilla creme brulee.

Say Hi to Ah Huck!!!!! Big thumbs up for you Ah Huck!!!! Pls don't stop cooking you're awesome!!!!


Watch the surprise vlog here!!!! And sorry i sound like a man but that's voice! wtf hahaha's Ah Hock's present! *woah confuse ar! Ah Huck and Ah Hock! @.@*

100 birthday wishes challenge!!! - Mission completed!!!! thank you all my FB friends!!!!!! Love ya all!!!!





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  • Cindy
  • So sweet! Good to see people who are committed and passionate about their relationships! ^___^ he's lucky to have you hehe
  • Thanks dear!!!! Still honeymoon period la. But I really hope that I will still be like this after like 1234567 years hehe

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  • so sweet !!!! ants come already.
  • Hehe <3

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  • guest
  • may i know the name of the song in the vlog? love the way u took the video .. ^^ sweet!
  • 严爵: 我喜欢,不,我爱

    Thanks :)

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