Suddenly feel like blogging in mandarin cz that's the best and easiest way to describe how i feel and how things went on.

I'm super confuse sometimes when i need to translate from man to eng and eng to man wtf. 

It's not that my english is that bad. It's just that i want to be like my bro and the bf who can speak not just fluent english, but with correct pronounciation as well! so that i can hao lian a bit wtf. Especially the bf! I jelly max whenever i heard him talking in his American accent with his American friends! Chinese edc ppl are always like that. Always want to pretend like a ABC hahaha. "Actually just me la wtf"


aiyaaaaa 突然又觉得写中文好难哦!!!

orz 我中文那一part的脑袋真的有点生锈了!!!





aiyaaaaaa --> u all sure know this one d no need translate wtf

It's so hard to blog in mandarin mannnnn my mandarin side of brain karat alreadyyyy.

ok i should stop complaining and back to the topic wtf

This couple had been together for 10 years!! omggggg so sweet!!!! 




IDK why everyone thumbs up LOL

"actually I knew, I just don't know what's the reason they thumbs up wtf hahaha"




This is so cute so creative!!!! But the groom's head broke right before the wedding ceremony start LOLLL 


Just the 2 of us :) 


我这个“死那个ing partner“ --〉不管我的事啊!我打singing partner结果死那个ing就跑了出来!


他,跟姑娘我同月同日生,921 生日的朋友请举手!

他,跟我一样,都是忙碌人!不知这些处女座们到底在想什么,每天把自己搞到忙到鬼那样,还有一大堆的梦想要完成 --〉劳碌命啊!

对对对,这篇纯碎是想说你坏话! 哈


ok. this is a tricky part.

I never know that people actually partner refers to bf / lovers. 

I tweeted our picture and everyone got shocked by this green hair monster cz he's not Barry hahaahhaha FHL

And now i learn new stuff wtf. When we're referring to this kind of partners, we should say blablabla partner, which is singing partner wtf

why english so hard one! why can't just like one word describe all? 

oh ya btw we both shared the same birthday date! 921! 

2 perfectionist virgo who works their ass out just to achieve their dreams wtf. 

Virgos are normally busy ppl --> are you with me? wtf


My poor ipad! I was hoping that it won't fall cz my ipad screen is already broken and seriously it's gonna die if i broke it again!! Clumsy me!



新郎是在bread story工作的!他老板特地作了这个送给他们。

最上面是Cinderella跟王子在跳舞, 然后ballerinas, 然后 Cinderella 的 pumpkin 车!



The cake was really pretty! The groom works under bread story and the boss made them this cinderella cake! *fake one though*

I love it so much!!! There's cinderella dancing with the prince at the top, and then some ballerinas in the middle and Cinderella's pumpkin car --> idk what ya call in english. Try to google and it came our pumpkin car too wtf



With the bride and the sister! They look so alike! 


自拍!哈哈哈哈 ----> Awkwarddddd

Camwhoreeeeeeee hahah  ----> Awkwarddddd



Fashion diary na! Long time never post OTD d! pictures a bit blur though!

这件裙子,是我在Publika ALLIEN BOUTIQUE买的!是本地设计哦!!我可是亲手从那位设计师手上把衣服买下的哦!




可笑的是,我的手都拿不起来!哈 拿的起,只是不习惯而已!



Got this dress from ALLIEN BOUTIQUE at Publika! 

It's 200 bucks man!!! I saw it and love it at the first sight! But I didn't get it cz it's way too expensive for me!

I rarely buy expensive dresses except for Audrey's wedding wtf hahahah 

This dress was locally designed and manufactured! 

We went back the next day and i'm still considering it. 

I tried it on and show to the bf and the BFF Johan and they said yes......I still remember I don't have enough money that time!

Johan lend me the money just to get this dress! And I got it from the designer herself!!!! 

So proud wtf


右下那张看起来有点像印度人的传统服装 哈

And i just realized that it's a convertible dress too! hahah The one  and the right bottom looks like Indian Sari hahah Good for Deepavali! Shoud've worn this that time! 




arghhh finally finish writting this post already! So hard man!!!

I know u ppl sure don't want to see me blogging in mandarin anymore! but if u do, still, hahah pls let me know ok? will try~~~~ 




Dear all my taiwanese friends! I miss ya all!!! I want to go but not enough budget yet!!! wait for me!!!!! I believe that i'm coming soon!!! 

Always wanted to change this blog into a .com but never really do it yet cz i berat hati with my 261 taiwanese subscribers lol 

after so long, i still hope that they;re still here though lolll


还有还有,请支持我现在最重要的梦想!我的网路服饰店*按* 哈!帮我按个“like"哦



And pls support by bigbig dream here!!! "sorry not hard selling ok! tonight got new arrivals!"

Feel free to visit us at 8pm ok??


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  • momo
  • 想看你写中文啊~ (但是你这篇蛮多错字 ><)

  • 真的吗? 在那里? 糟了! 中文也不行,英文也不行 orz

    Sherlyn 於 2012/12/03 13:27 回覆

  • momo
  • 想要haolian以下因为男友英文很棒 > 一下
    免得别人又说我办可爱 > 扮可爱
    他老伴特地作了这个送给他们 > 老板 (老伴--是他的老爱人吗?哈哈 :p)

  • ooo!! 那都是typo!!! 哈哈!不会介意啦!只是不习惯打中文哈!

    Sherlyn 於 2012/12/03 19:33 回覆

  • don
  • Eh.. why ur english story and mandarin story different one, english one more complete like that.
    Hahaha.. 中文看到本姑娘斗鸡眼了, 不是很懂。=.=
    i return my mandarin back to my teacher d, now i cannot write 90% of the words without my phone =.=
    Oh.. since u ask prefer blog in mandarin or english, i dont mind both as long as u dun write in 文言文。
    Obviously i google one wtf, i dun even understand the whole content. =.=
    I bet i the most 无聊 commentor in the entire universe.
  • ahahah wo zhi dao.
    too long never really blog in mandarin!
    another excuse for me to go to Taiwan wtf hahah

    Sherlyn 於 2012/12/06 08:59 回覆