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  • come here look at your face again, why am I so creepy.. =.=""""
    how come u can be so pretty one ah..
    eh.. duno when edi, i went to read back fourfeetnine old entries, then i found your comment!!!!! (not on purpose go find your comment one ah wtf, i am not that creepy yet, coincidentally only coz sometimes reading comments also quite funny one, must explain good good, later ppl misunderstood, then me jump into yellow river also cannot clear =.=) then in that post, barry's comment was just right after your comment only... !! in 2008 year.
    ok la.. maybe me is the only one gasping, but hor i really think.... (英文不好”瓦特发“)有缘千里能相会,无缘对面不相识,真的是活生生的写照!!!! =O =O =O
  • Woowwwww really? Ya. Seriously! Fourfeetnine is like my idol man that time! Even now also la! She inspired me a lot! I stalked Cheesie and sweatlee a lot too! Don't worry I'm a stalker also haha

    Sherlyn 於 2012/12/10 18:01 回覆