It's been a very long time ever since i started my fashion diary*click* back in year 2007.

Still remember that the reason of me starting the fashion diary is because i got shitty fashion sense and i wanted to improve! 

Looking back all the pictures, i realized that i've grown up now. Can't wear those cute cute style anymore. 

Camo & burgundy are 2 big hits now! 

Scroll through lookbook and you will see a lot of pretty pieces.

And coincidently, i found this 2 pieces that i owned since i was standard 6. My ballerina leotard and an oversize skirt. (I was chubby last time)

Hope ya girls love this look :) 

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  • ooib
  • the skirt doesn't look oversized also wtf
    you should do a fashion post with your overalls hahahahhaha
  • cz i altered it stupid uncle hahahah

    woahhhh ur mandarin improve d hor! know how to comment now!

    Sherlyn 於 2012/12/06 17:48 回覆

  • don
  • PPheewiit pheewit
    辣妹!! Pls tell me the secret to become this hot, can eat chili everyday helps? Ok la.. stop here before i sound like ham sap ah pek (actly wrote quite long phrase d, but deleted coz later menyasuaykan your blog)
    N i wan to learn to dress up also!!! Just like diet, stay slim, chg style was actly my 10 yrs ago dream that still yet to come true!! I have pathetic life v(^_^)v
  • Woahhh so late d u haven't sleep arrrrr n thank you for your compliment lol! N m sure u can be skinny n pretty too! " m not really is yet lla" 所谓: 天下没有丑女人,只有懒女人。哈 不过我也一样很懒。都没在顾的 哈

    Sherlyn 於 2012/12/07 01:13 回覆