Happy Monday everyone!!!!

Another outfit shots featuring sweet & punk style.

Topshop denim bralet top & Twenty3 leather skirt*click* 

Earrings from Twenty3 too but they were all sold out already.

I love sweet punk style! Don't even know whether this style exist or not! 

Basically it's just about something sweet matching with some edgy pieces. I can't go sweet all the way nor punk all the way cz i normally dress up in a very feminine way even though my characteristic is not feminine at all. loll

Just a short post for today! Going lunch with Ooib!!!! I came to work with him today! 

Will be here all day stalking him wtf. 


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  • don
  • How do you get flat tummy one! My tummy is forever at 2-month pregnant stage and grow instantly to 4-month after each meal T.T
  • aiyaaa my tummy very saggy now cz didnt exercise as much as i did last time. i also very sad leh...eat less lo haha

    Sherlyn 於 2012/12/12 14:52 回覆