YES!tis is the first time i go clubbing!nervous!panic!worry!coward!excited!happy!

a lots of starts blinking in my mind!

I don't know y i'm so nervous!i worried wat to wear!wat would ppl act wear for clubbing!wat kind of make up ppl usually put!keep on survey-ing through some of the famous blo ggers!n i found tat i really had nothing to wear!

haizzz!!!so!i tried to broke my wardwrobe to find whether ter is anything tat i can wear tonight!ha

n i found tis dress which i never wear for years! haha


ok!i dunno how izit look like!but i jz wana be a bit lady~ ha


n...tis is my make up tonite~

MJ's eyeshadow~

stila gel eyeliner~

the face shop fake eyelashes~

maybeline mascara~

stila+elianto blush~

stila lip gloss~

ok done!lets go now!yeepi!!!!!!!

oooopsss...act i dont even know wer r we goin...haha but atlast i knew it!

its MAISON...i heard a lot of good comments on ter also~

hehe here's the picture~

me n lovely karen


ONG JUIN HAU's drunk face! weeeweee


li ping & karen~i like her outfit very much!


the DJ~



sweat after the dance~


weee wee~


*charlies angels* come on! -->sk,**,sm


li ping,juin hau & sy



drink drink drink~



*the broke bac mountain* wit couple-t=.=


lolzzzz..dear is acting cute =.=


see?he act again!dear!pls join the hollywood celebraties company!i support u!ha


ok la~i know!


all the guys!n the uptown gal~



while~after this~i would like to thank u all for being ter and take good care of me on tat nite~

it's the first thing tat i had done for my 21st years old~

before tis i'm quite worry of being ter cause of the rumours like only bad gals go clubbing~o will be cheated o any other scary thhought!

but i und all the things after the clubbing...not all the gal who go clubbing is bad!it consider as a good place for the youngster like us to release stress~haha~but cannot go too often oso~cz i don even drink ter~heheh n i hate the smokers ter!my hair n clothes all gone wit the bloody smell!

anyway! its a great try!!!!!!

yeah!i'm 21st!the most energetic age which fall between women n gals!weeeeweeeee

i will go again next time!

ehe!i'm not a bad gal of course!




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