Honestly, i never heard about this restaurant before until that day! lolll

This restaurant is really awesome! Especially their services! I nearly hired the waiter who served us that day! lol

Nothing can beat good quality of food & services! Their food portion are small though.

I ate 2 plate of rice! Orzzzzz

Btw, all these photos were taken by CCH Ipad Bro! Arigato Gozaimasuuuu

Just did some research about them and realized that they actually have 3 branches in total in Malaysia.

The first smokehouse was born in Cameron Highland, Fraser's Hill the later on & lastly, the loveliest Smokehouse in Bangsar.

My heart melted when i first step in to this place. 

Fully in love with all their vintage decorations.

Here's our table! Say Hi!


Yummy food lining up excitedly!

Grilled Mushroom - RM15

Thai Hors D'oeuvres - RM15

My boy!

Green Curry Chic - RM18

MY favourite dish ever!

Sauteed Minced Chic - RM18

Stir 4 Angel Bean - RM12

Sunshine of the night!

Steamed Fish in Lime Juice - RM30

Yo Yo!

Lastly, Smokehouse signature Bombe Alaska - RM28 & Daron the birthday boy!

 I was like : Huh! Why got dessert on fire one??!!!!!!

This dessert is really funny! i don't know how to explain!

It's actually a huge egg white, i mean, of course, made from  thousands of egg white, filled with alcoholic ice cream & sponge cake.

LoL I don't know how to word it in a good way!

But it's really worth trying la :)


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