I was afraid

I’d lost my way

I couldn’t see ahead of me

I didn’t what tomorrow would bring


I was scared

I just wanted to hide

I wanted to conceal myself

But today is different


Now I’ll stand

I’m going to sing again

I’ll forget yesterday

and sing for tomorrow


To cold days spent in empty rooms,


Overflowing and trusting in me,

My heart races


For tomorrow

For my dream

I’ll run



ps: It's always not easy to make such a huge decision. (Will only reveal when i get myself prepared)

Some people might thought that I'm crazy..

But well....

It's time to step up and really go for something that i really want to do.

 I hate regretness. Had been regret for so many years. Moving forward, no more regrets.

Nobody knows what's gonna happen tomorrow.

All i need to do now is continue believe in myself.

Not to doubt every single decision that I've made.

I'm turning 24 on September. It's time to grow up and be myself.


Sherlyn.Jia You!



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