I'm not supposed to blog at this hour but well, coinceidently i saw this & all the pictures were done edited by bear & uploaded in FB, then yeah here's the blog post! weee :)


So, back in Aug, all of us decided to pemper ourselves a lil bit n bought this deal!

n we were kind of lucky cz it sold out within few hours!

It's a really good deal cz we get to try out these awesome bento set @ Tenjin at RM29 worth up to RM50+! 

Here's what we can get! (As seen from Groupon site)

  • n here's the real time Tenjin Groupon Experience!


Makunouchi Bento





Sashimi & Tori Teriyaki Zen

The Sashimi were so fresh! Definitely gonna visit them again next time!


Me n my lovely colleagues! :)

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