Hey Everybodyyyyy!!!!

Sorry for the long hiatus.

I'm kind of surprise that people still visiting this space and hoping some updates from me.

I'm truly sorry that i've been a lousy blogger.

But well, here I am..

How's everyone's year 2011?

It's a very good year for me cz i've grown up so much and so fast throughout the whole year!

I came back from USA work & travel on January, Started working in Groupon on March & Officially launched my blogshop on November.

Words are definitely not enough to describe how challenging the whole year was.

I fell down a thousand times & stood up again & again & again.

It's the toughest year i can say...& I'm proud that I'm not just survived but never feel regret whenever i turn my head back looking at what's happening throughout the whole year.

I fought for love, life, dream & family. Thoroughly...

At the end of year 2011,I lost a big part of my life...actually i thought i lost...later then i realized that nope...i didn't lost any part of my life...

But found & created a better life instead...

I'm thankful to him, to everything that happened in year 2011. 

They are all good memories & experiences..

People learn and improve from mistakes..

We don't change, but improve & create a better self.

N yes, I did found and created a better Sherlyn.

Year 2012 is gonna be a great great year.

I've got my short term & long term goals set and got myself ready for the long long journey!

Thanks to all my friends & family who helped me, being by my side throughout the whole year long.

Thanks to all my customers from Twenty3 & also Kim, who helped me a lot on  designing & "creating" my blogshop.

Thanks to all my readers who still visiting this space and concern about me.

My resolution for year 2012 would be...



Quote of the Day : 

You are the only one in the world who can make yourself happy. So why not wipe away all the shit, create your own rainbow and refresh your life?

Happy 2012 people!!!!!



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