Outfit Of The Day : 2012 New Year  - Simple yet Happy!

Acid washed Denim Pinafore - BKK

Black Tang top - Cotton On

Top to Bottom -Zara

Love the zipper! The cuttings were so good! If you're looking for a pair of good jeans, go ZARA! (The pants is RM199)

Leopard print spec from Mid Valley.

Picture taken using Sony NEX C3 with Hi Key function. None edited.

Anyone wants to own a semi pro? Get Sony NEX C3! You will need to pay around RM105 per month if you use Maybank credit card. Zero interest installment. Double lense. :) weee 


Leopard prints heels from Vincci.

& Lastly, my favourite Satchel bag from BKK.

This is the first time ever i try wearing long pants.

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