some photos from iphoneeeee


Love this top so much! it's one of my favourite awesome pieces from Twenty3 when i first launched it last year! 

"eyebags getting worst!!! have been too active in the night time lately! --> watching kang xi la don't think too much =.= " 



made my bed myself! it's super huge n heavy man! i'm so proud of myself!!!!! scratches and bruises were all over my leg, head and shoulders though FML



Working in Groupon is AMAZING #1 : Playing around with this super cubi portable sauna bag wtf

check out the deal here -->




Working in Groupon is AMAZING #2 :Bean bagggggsssss!!! I can't live without them!!!



Working in Groupon is AMAZING #3 : I have awesome colleague who proposed to marry me in public! Thank you Aaron!!!



Working in Groupon is AMAZING #4  : Unlimited supply of chocolates every single day! (NOW U KNOW WHY I KEEP TALKING ABOUT DIETDIETDIET FML)



Working in Groupon is AMAZING #5 : Back to school party!!!!! I failed again this time! I was trying to be in sports attire but i ended up look like a psycho teacher wtf

Lao Pos look so pretty that day I LAP U GIRLS!!!!



Working in Groupon is AMAZING #6 : Twins Party!!!! WHY M I NOT IN THE PICTUREE!!! pfffftttttttt


- The End of my crazy happening life! Gotta get back to work now! -


ps : So, i have an english teacher now who will help to edit my blog post due to my super awesome england. argghhh England sucks laaaa why grammer so hard oneeee!!!

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