Bon Odori is not something new to me but i never get a chance to wear Yukata..I don't even have one..

& this year, bf got me one from da sister..feel so thankful to her!!!!!heeh

The only chance for red lips! hahaha 

I watch this video over and over again just to learn how to pick up a red lipstick and how to put it's not that hard after all...thanks to Michelle Phan, my favourite youtube make up guru.

Gangsta bf in his sexy Yukata wtf hahaha

So many ppl in Yukata!!! So excited!!!!

The guy at the right so cute!!!!!Especially the beard! LOL

Omg-so-cute! Ang moh babe in Yukata!!

Not just the ppl!!! See how cute she is!!!!


Some stalls selling Japanese food products. I was expecting to eat good Takoyaki & Okonomiyaki but surprisingly, none of them were sold. There's only a few japanese food stalls...kinda dissapointed... 

I don't know what this call but it looks amazingly yummy! Didn't get to try it cz the queue was too longggg!!!!

Beer drinking contest!

Bon Odori dance!!! 

Our Yukata LOL

 Didn't realized that it's been so long since my last update...the mood is just not there anymore...maybe i'm just too caught up with work..hopefully i will have the mojo to blog more in future! 





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