I'm bored with my old hair and decided to make a change!

Bf suggested red and i was like, ooooo reallly? okie guaaaa *a bit kia kia*

I then proceed to google some pictures and all I found were pictures of naked women with red hair WTF =.=""

I don't even know how to show Hikky, the hair stylist of the hair color that i want cz most of them were naked WTF

Btw, Hikky is a japanese hair stylist who work under Number76 Japanese Hair Salon and she's also the one who did Audrey's make up and hair for her wedding. 

I love Number76and followed them for quite sometime to find out more about the latest trend of hair styles and hair colors.

Lotsa famous bloggers did their hair there too! Fourfeetnine, Cheesie, Jane Chuckei etc.

So I also damn kiasu and made an appointment with Hikky (She's currently working at Mont Kiara). 

ps : I was actually impressed by her after seeing all the hairstyles that she did for Audrey.

Before the hairdo. 


I was kinda worry at first cz i don't know even know what type of red i'm looking for. So i was kind of like "forcing" the bf to pick one for me.

But we ended up just to let Hikky do whatever she wants cz we trust her more than ourselves. haha

*Bf sitting at the back giving me weird face cz he was bored!*

She separated into a few sections and dyed the major 2 parts of my hair first before proceed to the rest of my hair.

I guess it's to balance up my hair color since my hair color were kinda messed up by me cz i never take care of my hair.

My heart beats super damn fast when i see my hair become like thissssssss RED.....

And she dyed my eyebrows too!

I turned over and asked the bf : IF i failed to change my look this time will you still date me? 

He said : I will run away instead 

Me : @#$%&*(*%$#@#$%^& WTF FML


My hair was really smooth and soft!!!! 

Hikky gave me a temporary curl after that. 

Dress from Miss Selfridge.

Love the lace details at the side. 

Got this dress from Sunway Pyramid branch. Can't really find it in other branches though.

Thanks Hikky!!!!!!!!

I love it you're awesome!!!!

Got my free membership card from them and i'm gonna get my free hair treatment since it's my birthday month!!! how lucky m i!!!!

My hair on the 2nd and 3rd day.


Hair Stylist : Hikky, Mont Kiara Branch

Price : RM260 (For waist length hair like me, otherwise, it's cheaper)

Website : http://www.76style.com/

Audrey's wedding hair styles : http://fourfeetnine.com/2012/08/31/the-wedding-reception/

Twitter : @number76style





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