Note : These are my suggestions based on my experience and my preference. My preferences include cheap taxi fare, not to walk to far, wifi, fridge (i need yakult to pangsai wtf) & no weird smells. There are a lot more reviews and suggestions out there that can be found online. You may search more from other blogs too :) 


Where to stay in BKK

This is like the 3rd time of the year I've been to BKK. 

Tickets were kinda cheap and bro has to do his prayer at Erawan Shrine. So yeah, family trip to BKK!

Our tickets were priced at around RM500+, round trip, included tax & baggage charges. 

As usual, we book our hotel from Groupon! *That's what I did everytime! I will surely be the PIC for accomodation cz i know how to get good groupon travel deals!*

Here's the deal that we bought.

We bought the 4D3N deal, RM358 for 2 persons. (Around RM65 per person per night)


Tips on how to choose a hotel to stay in BKK!

1) Go Groupon Travel Page (I'm serious not promoting ok! There's a lot of good deals! Save $$$)

2) Pick Based on hotel location (Must be VERY near to BTS station & not too near those "omgtoofamousattractions"

    --> VERY near means not more than 5 minutes walk from hotel to the station. The distance that you have to walk don't worth the amount that you're saving cz it's gonna be very very tiring especially when you just came back from places like chatuchak. (Unless you don't mind walking / want to lose weight wtf haahah

    --> preferably not around platinum fashion mall cz the traffic will make u crazy! taxi fare will be expensive as well! 

3) Read reviews from Tripadvisor 


If everything is ok, you may book your hotel and enjoy your trip.

There're a lot of cheap hotels in BKK. Our previous hotel was like around RM40 per person per night only. Also from groupon wtf

BUT, the airport transfer & the taxi fares were SO EXPENSIVE! Each trip cost us around 200 baht to everywhere. Unless you go in a group of 4 ppl then it's still ok. We don't really know how to bargain that time. My negotiating skills are better now! haha I forced all the taxi drivers to go by meter and out of 5 taxis that we took, 2 of them go by meter. It's dirt cheap. 60 baht compared to the initial price proposed by the taxi uncle at 200 baht / BTS at around 120 baht for a group of 4. #senseofachievement!

I like our hotel this time because it's like 5 minutes away from BTS station (Rachathewi station) ! At least we can take train -->  more shopping!!! wtf

Besides, the taxi fare also quite cheap since it's quite near to Platinum fashion mall, Siam square & most of the famous attractions.

Unlike our previous hotel, taxi drivers always charge us at least 200 baht for 1 trip to most of the places.


How to travel around BKK?

Depends on how many of you in a group and how your negotiating skills! haha

1) Force taxi uncle to use taxi meter. Else, move to another taxi. As I mentioned above, taxi by meter is really really cheap only! But also depends on the weather. If it is a rainy day, it's gonna be very hard to bargain.

2) Take BTS. not more than 30baht per person per trip. Cheap, easy and fast.

3) Don't take tutuk unless you want to be pork knuckle haha

IMPORTANT : Try not to take cab in front of your hotel, walk down the street a lil bit so that they can't charge your a sky high price. Always try to negotiate. You will surely get a much cheaper price. 


Where to shop in BKK?

There's thousands of places for you to shop in BKK. Here's my priority list.

1) Platinum fashion mall - Shopping heaven wtf You can dig all the golds there at a very cheap price!

2) Chatuchak - Open on the weekend only

3) Terminal 21 - Lots of local designers brand!

4) Siam square - not cheaper than platinum fashion mall but they have more trendy clothes

5) Siam Paragon - Mango sticky rice & Shibuya honey toast


We didn't go floating market nor other attractions like chinatown, silom, chaophraya river...i hope i can bring my parents to all those attractions next time.

It was a chill & relax trip.

 Our taxi fare from airport to our hotel is around 450 baht. IT's FREAKING EXPENSIVE! Normally we only pay about 300 baht - 400 baht. 

The taxi uncle quite friendly though. (I bet all of them are like that)

this is what he stick in his car! hahahaha

Taxi fare list.

He mentioned to us that he was in Saudi Arabia for 30 years. 

He walked us through his histroy along the way from airport to our hotel. LOL


Here's some photos of our hotel. 


*I bought RM100 worth of swimwear after that but didn't get to swim! and i actually don't know how to swim wtf*

They welcomed us with this rambutan & free flow orange juice. So awesome!!!

I was voxer-ing the bf when i saw this! OMG THAT'S SWIMMING POOL!!!! #jakun

They have these pretty sofas at the waiting space.

this is where we had our breakfast. RM65 per person per night with free buffet breakfast. what a good deal!

This is the dining section still.

Some decorations outside our room.

Everything were awesome & clean except that there's this weird smell from the aircond. But most of the hotel i went in BKK have this kind of smell 

The people who work there deserve a big round of applause! I really like their service! 

We even tipped them for their service!


Will blog about Chatuchak, Terminal 21, and Siam Paragon in the next posts.

Stay tuneeeeeee :) 




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