Siam Paragon

We call it food heaven!

We went to Siam Paragon with only 5 objectives!

1) Mango sticky rice

2) Shibuya honey toast

3) Ice montster (Didn't had it here, had it at terminal 21 instead)

4) Dairy queen ice cream (Didn't had it this time!!!! grrr stomach always full)

5) Lotte (those almond sticks are very cheap here! must buy!)


Ohya! Forgot to talk about tax refund!

Don't forget to ask the people there whether there's any tax refund! Some places like central world do provide you a tourist card where you can get extra 5% discount for all shops in the mall. 

For tax refund, you would need to fill up your passport details. So don't forget to bring your passport there. 

You would need to gather all your tax refund receipts and claim the money at airport in cash term. It might be in credit term as well if the amout is too huge. 


Bobo recommended me this place After you dessert cafe which located at the Ground floor of Siam Paragon, near their food hall.

Their best seller is Shibuya honey toast.

We were kinda full and there's too much things that we want to try. So we decided go for only 1 shibuya honey toast & another mango sticky rice to fill up our tea time.

They do serve full meal course aside from desserts. 

Free tea!!! Yeayyyy

Shibuya honey toast! Toast+ vanilla ice cream + whipped cream + peanuts + honey = A.W.E.S.O.M.E!

The toast was so soft and crunchy at the same time. Especially when it melt together with the ice cream. Felt like I just put in a heaven into my mouth!

Mango sticky rice!!!! The best compared to all other sticky rice that we had.

1 for 100 baht. Expensive but totally worth it! 


They have a lot of stalls inside the food hall! 


After energizing ourselves with the sweetest and yummiest dessert in the world, shopping come just in time to burn all the fats!

I picked a few interesting brand to share here.

The first would be Jeffery Campbell!

Their shoes are really outstanding!

They have 2 locations in Siam Paragon itself. One located outside of Isetan and another one at Isetan.

The prices are actually quite ok for big brands like them! Average price is about 4000 baht.


Another eye catching brand is Rouge Rouge.

Their designs are so WOW and FUNKY!

Imagine yourself carrying this huge mustache bag walking on the street in Paris. #daydream wtf

This is 2 bags yo.

So cool right!!!!!


For men, i found a very nice local brand in Isetan! Playhound!

Boyfriend will love the socks! but sadly they dont have any stocks already.

Got this bag for da bf!!!!! I saw his name there n i got it immediately!!!!! That's the bag that fits him perfectly!

He wanted a vintage sacthel, made of canvas, can be carried as a sling bag & big enough to carry a laptop.

Another color. I love the first color more than this.

Another 2. quite cute but not his style.

Parents in another couple T.

Finally, a family photo after so long!

I love you parents and brother!!!!!

Hope that we will go for another trip soon!


Terminal 21

Terminal 21 is my favourite mall after Siam Paragon!

It was really really fun!

You can get free wifi there by showing your passport. One passport per person per login. So if you go in a group, make sure all of you brought your passport along!

The mall is like a airport. There's different terminal for you to enter to different countries like Korea, Tokyo, Paris & etc.

You will get to see san francisco bridge too!

There's a lot of local designer brands inside the mall in every level.

But try not to buy those non local designer brands.

Reason being is that you can actually found those in siam square or any other market out there.

Only go for local designer brands. anything other than that, don't buy unless you die die also want it. LOL

We had been searching for good thai restaurants but we really don't know where to go and i try to avoid letting my parents to walk too much just in case they're tired. So we ended up in this MIX restaurant which is selling taiwanese food, thai food, western food etc. 

We were like aiya cincai la, this one sure okok only one since they're not like those special restaurants 

But no. Their foods were freaking awesome!

300 baht dessert! 

We actually ordered much more than this but i didnt get to take pictures cz everyone was too hungry and our focus is to E.A.T! haha

M&M candy machine! so awesome! Mom & I spent about 10 minutes there just to play with this machine wtf

San Francisco bridge! Welcome to Amercia! hahaha

Ohya their toilet bowl damn canggih. Zoom in a bit so that you guys can see the details. #jakun

Woahhhhhh I felt like a taitai wtf

Killer dessert! Ice Monster!!!


Another interesting local designer brands in BKK! 

You can find lots of their fake products in various market / malls!

Their clothes designs are very very interesting!

This shop is so adorable!!! but their clothes are really expensive. 3000baht for a dress. Hmm actually quite ok la. Not too expensive. LOL


Finally, my BKK posts has come to the end.

Hopefully i will have more chance to wear all the things that i bought in BKK so that i can share it with you guys soon! :)





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